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Student resources

The Sauder School of Business building is located on the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus on the west side of Vancouver, around 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver. Students can access a wide range of learning and leisure facilities on the UBC campus.

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

All graduate students at UBC study under the Faculty of Graduate Studies. This site has information on applications, scholarships, and regulations for graduate students. Visit Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Student Society

The Graduate Student Society represents all graduate students at UBC and runs both recreational and educational programs. Visit Graduate Student Society.

Sauder Women Scholars

Sauder Women Scholars provides support and community to female Sauder graduate students by providing informal gatherings and mentoring sessions with successful female leaders. These leaders include Sauder Professors across disciplines, as well as other academic and corporate leaders. The goal is to share experiences that enrich both personal and professional lives and to share resources that make the transition after graduate school easier and set participants up for success. In addition, the initiative also creates space for female scholars to connect with one another and build relationships among themselves and with both junior and senior professors.


Main Library
The University of British Columbia Library is the second-largest library in Canada with over 10,000,000 items (approximately 3.6 million volumes). In addition to books and journals, it contains photographs, maps, data tapes, microfilms, and musical records, tapes and compact discs. The Library system is made up of a Main Library and 10 specialist branch libraries. Access to materials in libraries worldwide is available through Inter Library Loans. Visit Main Library.

David Lam Management Research Library
The David Lam Management Research Library's collection covers all facets of business management and administration and is an important resource for students and academic researchers, as well as members of the business community. Visit David Lam Library.

Athletic facilities

UBC students participate in a wide variety of sports-related activities, on the intercollegiate, intramural and recreational levels. There are several gymnasia and athletic fields on campus, as well as an Aquatic Centre with both open-air and indoor pools, and a Winter Sports Centre with hockey rinks, curling rinks, squash and racquetball courts and a tennis bubble. Visit UBC Rec.


The University Bookstore, the largest such bookstore in Canada, stocks all course materials and a wide range of general and academic titles for the convenience of students, faculty, staff and the general public. The Bookstore will also special order any title in print. A computer shop, stocking the latest microcomputer hardware and software, and boasting an in-house computer repair facility, is located inside the bookstore. Visit University Bookstore.


There are 16 childcare programs on campus, caring for children from four months to 12 years-of-age. The programs are popular, so application should be made early. View childcare facilities.

Computing services

A wide range of computing resources are available for researchers at the University. PhD students have exclusive access to a personal computer lab which contains modern hardware accompanied by a wide range of business, statistical, mathematical, and networking software. In addition, many groups within the Faculty maintain Unix servers for specific research needs. The University also maintains a general purpose, central Unix service on which every student can have an account. Most of the student office space is wired for direct network connections, allowing students to access network resources with their own computers.

Health services

Student health services are available for the use of all currently registered UBC students. The department is staffed by qualified personnel and is housed in the Acute Care Unit of the University Hospitals. Services include care of illness or injury, preventive medicine, counseling, and antigen and immunization administration. When necessary, hospitalization will be arranged in a hospital, either on- or off-campus. Visit Live Well, Learn Well.


Single student, married, and family accommodations on campus are available for the winter session or year round through the UBC Housing Office. As campus housing is in demand and the department's application process is entirely separate from the University's admission process, you should not wait for your acceptance to UBC before applying for housing. Accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • Green College: A residential college with an interdisciplinary focus that is available to 85 single or married graduate students without children. Read more.
  • St. John's College: A new residential college that has an international focus is available to 142 single and married graduate students without children. Read more.

International student services

Information and support for international students at UBC is provided by International Student Services. They can assist with visa and immigration issues, pre-arrival planning, housing, and many other issues relevant to international students. Visit International Student Services.

Office space

Office space is reserved for each doctoral student. Fifty-four private cubicles are available for senior students. Other students share partitioned office space. Most offices have filing cabinets and bookcases, as well as the standard desks and chairs. It is also possible to reserve a carrel in the Main Library.

Office for women students

The Office for Women Students counsels women students and prospective students with personal, educational, financial, social, and career concerns. The office initiates programs and workshops in response to student needs and can act as liaison between students and faculty or administration. The concerns of women returning to university after a number of years is a primary focus. View resources for women students.

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