PhD in Business Administration

PhD student society

What is the PhD Student Society? The Commerce PhD Student Society is an organization consisting of all Doctoral students in the Sauder School of Business and Business Administration. It was formed in 1991 to represent the interests of Commerce PhD students and provide support for new and continuing students. This year, the society's "elected" representatives are Joyce Guan, Atefeh Taghavi, Alex Yang and Weihua Zhang.

What Does the PhD Student Society Do? The activities of the society are member driven and depend on individual students taking the initiative to undertake projects. The society has a small budget that can be used to support student activities and can sometimes garner funds from the Faculty to take on larger projects. Some of the things that the society is responsible for include:

  • welcoming and orienting new students
  • assigning student office space
  • conducting instructor evaluations
  • acting as a resource for individual students who have concerns about the program
  • gathering ideas for ways to improve the program
  • Assuring that the interests of Doctoral students are represented with:
    • the PhD Program Director and Administrator
    • the Dean's office
    • Faculty Caucus meetings
    • the appointments, promotion, and tenure process.

We are always interested in hearing your ideas and concerns, so please feel free to drop by our offices or send us an email. 

The PhD Social Committee The PhD social committee is a group of students who run the monthly PhD socials and other activities for PhD students. The socials are a fun way to meet fellow students and are usually well attended by members of the faculty as well. Currently, the PhD social committee is run by Sheng-Jun Xu along with anyone else who cares to help out.

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