Inspiring and educating
responsible leaders.

Progressive programs

The most effective leaders don’t just address what’s in front of them, they anticipate and adapt to what the future holds. We take the same approach to our programs, evolving them constantly to meet the needs of future leaders.

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The UBC Master of Business Analytics

The UBC MBAN program equips you with advanced analytics skills and knowledge of everything from marketing to operations so you can interpret data in a broader business context.
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Professional MBA

Our PMBA program is perfect for people who want an MBA but don't want to lose career momentum. Cultivate your leadership skills and build your business acumen.
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Bachelor + Master of Management

Wherever your interests lie, whether in Arts, Sciences, or somewhere in-between, this dual degree program blends business education and career development with your passion.
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With its experiential curriculum, built-in professional development, and international perspective, the UBC MBA is a transformative journey.
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Bachelor of Commerce

The UBC Bachelor of Commerce offers you a chance to study at Canada’s leading research business school in the beautiful surroundings of Vancouver’s snow-capped mountains and Pacific Ocean.

Professional development & lifelong learning

Gain the knowledge and skills to achieve your career goals and potential quickly and efficiently with our professional development & lifelong learning offerings.
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Executive Education

We offer globally ranked programs for individuals and organizations that are relevant and evolving to address the realities of fast-paced change and the transformation of work.
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Continuing Business Studies

Whether in-class or online, we provide a unique learning environment where students are encouraged to collaborate and connect, giving them the tools to enhance their skillset and advance their career.
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Real Estate Programs

Our Real Estate Division provides real estate licensing, registration, and professional development courses on behalf of regulatory bodies in both British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Support beyond the classroom

To expand everything from your skillset to your network, the UBC Sauder experience extends far beyond the walls of the classroom. And continues long after graduation.

Experiences that shift perspectives

Some of our programs will take you around the world. Others bring the world to you. Between your classmates and the experiences you share, the UBC Sauder experience is one no other school can offer.

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Personalized career coaching

Whether you’re just starting your career or making a career transition, your personal advisor at the Business Career Centre can help you achieve success, no matter how you define it.

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Global alumni community

The professional bonds you form with your colleagues, faculty, and advisors are built to last. That’s why our international alumni community is as active as it is. And it’s more than 40,000 strong.

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