A showcase of our achievements since 2017.

In 2017, we set out an ambitious plan.

We established five core principles that guide everything we do. These principles enable us to be among the very top business schools in the world and cultivate leaders who consider impact far beyond the bottom line.

With your help, we’re bringing these principles to fruition. Below, you’ll find the impact of your support: on our school, on our students, and on our globe.

As a member of the UBC Sauder community, you help make these success stories possible.

Principle 1: Research excellence

Our leading faculty members advance knowledge across the globe,
guiding and redefining business excellence.

 Featured impact

A sea of change in green shipping.

Ships transport an estimated 90 per cent of global trade, the environmental impact of which is felt the world over. UBC Sauder is leading an international network of researchers from academia, government and industry to further green shipping practices. The Green Shipping Research Network aims to contribute policy recommendations that will advance sustainable maritime shipping practices, turning the tide on the environmental impact of the shipping industry.

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Principle 2: Transformative student experience

To truly become the world’s next great generation of leaders, our students need
to develop a deeper understanding of who they are and what they’re capable of.

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Before they drive change, our students experience change.

Each year, UBC MBAs take part in the Global Immersion Experience (GIE), where they build connections with academia and industry across the globe. In 2019, students worked directly with the management of local companies in Santiago, Tel Aviv, Berlin and Hong Kong. Not only does this work expand students’ global network, it also gives our MBAs a chance to put into practice the knowledge they’ve acquired in the classroom, and experience the transformation they’ve undergone over the course of the rigorous MBA program.

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Offering hands-on consulting experiences

Internships to gain real world experience

Cultivating a generation of leaders

Developing leadership capabilities like public speaking

Sharing knowledge around the world

Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs in Nairobi, Kenya

Principle 3: A collaborative and respectful environment

All our goals, all our aspirations, all our big-picture thinking can only be activated when we
have a cohesive team equipped with the tools to make it a reality.

 Featured impact

We practice what we teach.

The Peter P. Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics at UBC Sauder was established to advance ethics-driven business practices. Since its inception, the Centre has become a leading international voice. It offers programming for students, supports value-based research and new curriculum, and is actively engaged with the business community. In 2018, Professor Katherine White was announced as its inaugural director. Her research into ethical, prosocial and sustainable consumer behaviours has made her a global thought leader.

More on our impact in action:

Fostering a thriving UBC Sauder culture

Incorporating Indigenous values in business education

Attracting and retaining top talent

Supporting the people who make it all happen

Enhancing team health and well-being

Events focus on mental health and physical activity

Principle 4: Proud and engaged alumni and
community partners

Whether by volunteering their time, offering the gift of mentorship or financially supporting the school,
every actively involved alum and partner makes a meaningful impact on our community.

 Featured impact

A forward-thinking approach to paying it forward.

In 2018, Peter Lee, UBC Sauder alum and founder and principal of Gallant Investment Partners, helped establish the Peter Lee Asia Initiative. Thanks to the initiative, we now have a Shanghai-based Alumni Engagement Officer who supports alumni events, holds face-to-face meetings with alumni, and develops strong relationships with key stakeholders in the region. The initiative will further strengthen our presence in key cities in Asia and expand the thriving community of almost 5,000 alumni living in the region.

More on our impact in action:

Enabling top-tier education

Creating inclusion through greater access

Evolving business education for our community

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Principle 5: Global reputation for excellence in
innovation and social impact

We believe business can help solve the major environmental, social and economic
challenges of our time.

 Featured impact

From the lab to our lives.

We’re focused on creating positive social impact while excelling in innovation. Creative Destruction Lab West (CDL-West) is a milestones-based mentorship program for seed-stage technology ventures that supports scientific founders to activate research and move it from the lab into our lives. CDL-West provides coaching from world-leading entrepreneurs, support from university and industry technologists, and access to growth resources. Through CDL-West, students learn by doing as they work alongside ventures on discrete value-add projects.

More on our impact in action:

Addressing issues through specialized programs

UBC Sauder alum Maricel Saenz tackles global health

Offering groundbreaking insights

Consumer behaviour and eco-friendly products