Promoting business ethics

The Dhillon Centre views business ethics as encompassing how individuals and companies can operate in ways that promote integrity, compassion, inclusion, responsibility, and societal good. We consider business ethics to be a spectrum with ethical leadership and decision making by individuals on one end, and organizational values, strategies, and practices that foster responsible business on the other end of the continuum.

Our vision: Responsible business for social good

A more just, sustainable, and prosperous society enabled by business embracing ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Our mission

The Dhillon Centre will serve as the heart of UBC Sauder’s diverse approach to advancing ethics and responsible business. The Centre will facilitate the creation and dissemination of values-based research and educate current and future business leaders on ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility.

The Dhillon Centre pillars

Pillar I: Excellence in Values-based research
Coordinate, support, and disseminate scholarly research that investigates and influences ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices across business disciplines

Pillar II: Increasing student connection to ethics and responsible business
Develop and support academic programming and educational activities on ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility in our business school, across the university, and across a network of educational, business, government, and non-governmental institutions

Pillar III: Engaging and collaborating with the community , policy makers and business partners
Collaborate and engage with the business community, policy makers, and the public to advance discussion, disseminate new research, and share best practices related to ethics and responsible business.



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A lot of business leaders are really good people and each and every day they are faced with very complex issues. It is my belief that the centre will provide the tools that these leaders need to make ethical decisions. That's my belief and where I want to make a meaningful impact.

Peter P. Dhillon

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