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The Centre for Operations Excellence (COE) partners with leading organizations to solve operational problems using operations research (OR) methodologies and produce solutions that lead to enhanced business value.  Along with many existing industry partners, in 2016 the COE is working with Silver Standard Resources for the first time.

New COE industry partner: Silver Standard

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Silver Standard Resources Inc. is a Vancouver-based mining company focused on the operation, development, exploration and acquisition of precious metal projects. It owns and operates the Marigold mine in Nevada, U.S., the Seabee Gold Operation in Saskatchewan, Canada, and the Pirquitas mine in Argentina.  Silver Standard also has two wholly-owned feasibility stage projects, Pitarrilla in Mexico and San Luis in Peru.

The focus of the UBC COE project involves improving the mining production rate at the Marigold mine.  The Marigold mine has been in continuous operation since 1988. It achieved record production of 207,006 ounces of gold in 2015 and is expected to produce between 200,000 and 210,000 ounces of gold in 2016.

The objective of the UBC COE project is to increase the amount of material moved per year by 2 million tonnes through optimized synchronization of loading and hauling operations without any additional cost of capital.  The value UBC COE brings to Silver Standard  is its data analytics capability, which is needed to process a very big set of data from a variety of sources.  This then leads to uncovering where the constraints are in the complex mining operation, and what the optimum set points should be to de-bottleneck the processes.

About COE industry projects

A COE project combines the enthusiasm of hard-working graduate students with the knowledge and expertise of the Operations and Logistics Division of the Sauder School of Business, UBC. An outstanding project team comprised of students, faculty and staff will work with you to discuss desired outcomes and develop an engagement plan tailored to your needs. Since its inception in 1998, the COE has published a number of research articles and completed over 136 industry projects with major corporations and organizations in nearly every business sector. Some of these projects have been featured in the national media and have won best practice awards at OR conferences.

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OR has broad applicability and embraces a wide variety of career opportunities and work styles

The COE team has done an excellent job of putting together a simulation model of the preboard screening process at Vancouver International Airport. This is a very powerful tool that allows you to do ‘what-if’ scenarios. This has also allowed us to develop service standards, and given a great deal of benefit to the Airport, now and in the future. It’s something that will be around for many years.

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