A real-world learning experience

The UBC Portfolio Management Foundation (PMF) provides a small group of select BCom students with an experience that will provide world-class training in the global capital markets.

Our students learn from access to the best investment professionals within and outside of Canada to prepare for careers in investment banking, research, sales and trading, and money management. PMF graduates work in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong and elsewhere, and they stay actively involved in the program as mentors and supporters.

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Program details

A 3-year extra-curricular program for top undergraduates

  • Students admitted at the beginning of Year Two of UBC BCom
  • Activities are above and beyond BCOM course curriculum
  • PMF requires its members to take 3 specific elective courses: COMM 459, 474 and 475

Provides training for a career in the global capital markets

  • Money management

  • Research (stock and bond)

  • Sales & Trading (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives)

  • Investment banking

  • Corporate finance

Two summer internships are involved

  • First internship is between years 2 and 3, in Toronto
  • Second internship is between years 3 and 4, in global financial centres of the students’ choosing

Active management of a $10 million portfolio provides returns to support the Sauder School of Business

  • Students make all portfolio decisions within broad guidelines set by the Client Committee
  • Students report to the Client Committee, to explain and defend their decisions, every two months

    "To be part of their growth allows me to grow as well."

    Milton Wong, Co-founder

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