Finance Division

Division overview

UBC's Finance Group ranks among the leading finance groups in the world in terms of both research and teaching. The research interests of the Finance Division cover most major topics and methodologies in financial economics. 

Much of the recent output of the group includes contributions to asset pricing, theory and empirical tests, international banking and asset pricing, corporate finance, merger activity and questions of corporate control, bank regulation, effects of asymmetric information, corporate and personal taxes, conflicts of interest; and linkages between product and financial markets. 

The division has an excellent reputation for training students who obtain challenging jobs. A Finance Specialization in the BCom and MBA programs, in addition to a specialist MSc (Business) degree and a research PhD in finance are all offered. 

In support of its research activities, the Division conducts a very active workshop series and maintains an online working paper series in addition to a list of useful internet resources.

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