Jan Bena

Jan Bena

PhD Finance (London School of Economics), PhD Economics (CERGE-EI)
Associate Professor and Finance Division Chair
Academic Director, Portfolio Management Foundation (PMF) Program
Advisor, UBC SWIFT: Sauder Women in Finance Training Program
Bank of Montreal Chair in International Finance

Selected publications

  • “Shielding Firm Value: Employment Protection and Process Innovation,” with Hernán Ortiz-Molina and Elena Simintzi, November 2022, Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 146, Issue 2, p. 637-664.
  • “The International Propagation of Economic Downturns Through Multinational Companies: The Real Economy Channel,” with Serdar Dinc and Isil Erel, October 2022, Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 146, Issue 1, p. 277-304.
  • “Corporate Innovation and Returns,” with Lorenzo Garlappi, August 2020, Review of Corporate Finance Studies, Volume 9, Issue 2, p. 340–383.

  • “Are Foreign Investors Locusts? The Long-Term Effects of Foreign Institutional Ownership,” with Miguel A. Ferreira, Pedro Matos, and Pedro Pires, October 2017, Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 126, Issue 1, p. 122-146.

  • “Competition and Ownership Structure of Closely-Held Firms,” with Ting Xu, May 2017, Review of Financial Studies, Volume 30, Issue 5, p. 1583-1626.
  • “Heterogeneous Innovations, Firm Creation and Destruction, and Asset Prices,” with Lorenzo Garlappi and Patrick Grüning, June 2016, Review of Asset Pricing Studies, Volume 6, Issue 1, p. 46-87.
  • “Corporate Innovations and Mergers and Acquisitions,” with Kai Li, October 2014, Journal of Finance, Volume 69, Issue 5, p. 1923-1960.
  • “Pyramidal Ownership and the Creation of New Firms,” with Hernán Ortiz-Molina, May 2013, Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 108, Issue 3, p. 798-821.

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