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Chad Embree could very well be the poster boy for how to build a great marketing career in Vancouver. He has volunteered for the Brand Management Mentorship Program (BMMP) for several years, helping students launch their careers in Brand Management. Chad has also served as head coach for UBC Sauder’s JDC (Jeux de Commerce) team and the advisory council for the UBC Imprint conference and case competition, a student-run marketing event for undergraduates.

While it was received wisdom among many of his classmates that to build a successful corporate marketing career one needed to head to Toronto, the native Vancouverite didn’t agree. With a strong interest in e-commerce, Chad spent one year working at UBC Sauder with Marketing and Technology Services to build his eCommerce knowledge. He then took on his first “big” job at Best Buy, one of Canada’s first e-commerce early adopters.

He describes that role as a fantastic learning experience – exposing him to various aspects of digital marketing and e-commerce and teaching him how to handle the pressure of the 24-hour online marketplace. Chad credits Best Buy and TELUS with instilling knowledge about what a great business looks like, as well as what it means to have a superior customer experience. He now puts his skills and experience to good use at the upcoming retail e-commerce company Breadstack Technologies, leading marketing as their Product Marketing Manager.

As with so many of our talented millennial alumni who seem to thrive on variety, Chad also runs his own consultancy, Momenta Marketing, which helps small businesses with their digital marketing strategies. In fact, Chad has used his consultancy to hire a UBC Sauder undergraduate to train them in digital marketing, who then went on to get her own role at Best Buy before ultimately landing a role at PepsiCo in Ontario.

As far as UBC Sauder is concerned, Chad could also be the poster boy for alumni mentorship, because when not working, Chad spends significant time mentoring UBC Sauder undergraduates. Chad has worked with students since his graduation in 2011, from developing soft skills to building business and marketing strategy knowledge. What makes it all worth it, according to him, is to see students build their confidence, realize a better version of themselves, and obtain their goals. Chad’s dedication to building and strengthening the UBC Sauder community has been recognized and celebrated by being awarded with a 2018 Alumni Builder Award.

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