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Course equivalency requests

Students requesting a review of their post-secondary transcripts for course equivalency purposes should also submit as much information about their previous post-secondary credit course work as possible. In general, courses completed more than 10 years ago are not eligible for equivalency.

The following checklist may be useful in assembling all of the supporting documentation in support of your course equivalency request.

Course equivalency request checklist

In addition to your original transcript, all applicants requesting course equivalency must submit a copy of their course outline, which should include the information in this checklist. (If you are submitting more than one course in support of your equivalency request, please include this information for each course.)

Please note: Your application should clearly indicate the BUSI course number from which you are seeking an equivalency (e.g., BUSI 100).

For each previously completed course, please include the following information:

 Course name and number

 Duration (hours) and/or credit value

 Instructor's name

 Topics covered from outline, syllabus or curriculum

 Evaluation methods (e.g., assignments, cases, presentations, examination, etc.)

 Grade allocation (e.g., % for each assignment, project, final exam, etc.)

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