Werner Antweiler

Antweiler Werner

Werner Antweiler

Diplom-Volkswirt (Köln), PhD (Toronto)
Associate Professor & Chair, Strategy and Business Economics Division
Chair in International Trade Policy

Selected publications

  • Werner Antweiler (September 2021). "Microeconomic Models of Electricity Storage: Price Forecasting, Arbitrage Limits, Curtailment Insurance, and Transmission Line Utilization" Energy Economics, 101, No.105390.
  • Werner Antweiler and Felix Müsgens (July 2021). "On the Long-Term Merit Order Effect of Renewable Energies".  Energy Economics 99, No.105275.
  • Werner Antweiler (June 2017). "A Two-Part Feed-in-Tariff for Intermittent Electricity Generation" Energy Economics 65, 458-470.
  • Werner Antweiler (January 2017). "Emission Trading for Air Pollution Hot Spots: Getting the Permit Market Right".  Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 19(1), 35-38.
  • Werner Antweiler (July 2016).  "Cross-Border Trade in Electricity".  Journal of International Economics 101, 42-51.
  • Werner Antweiler and Sumeet Gulati (May 2015). "Scrapping for Clean Air: Emissions Savings from the BC SCRAP-IT Program".  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 71, 198-214.

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