Trevor Heaver

Trevor Heaver

Meet Trevor Heaver

B.A. (Oxon) Balliol College; PhD (Indiana University)
Past, UPS Foundation Professor of Transportation
Past Chair, Transportation and Logistics Division
Past Director, Centre for Transportation Studies
Past Chair, World Conference for Transportation Research, 1983-1986
Past President, International Association of Maritime Economists, 1994-1998
Professor Emeritus, Operations and Logistics Division

Selected recent publications

  • “Canadian Rail Service Issues in 2009,” Canadian Transportation Research Forum, Proceedings of the 44th Annual Conference, May 2009, pp. 626-640.
  • “The Response of Liner Shipping Companies to the Evolution of Global Supply Chain Management,” in Maritime Economics and Business, 2nd edition, editor, Costas Grammenos, (London, Lloyds of London Press, 2010) pp. 457-477.
  • “Coordination in Multi-Actor Logistics Operations: Challenges at the Port Interface,” in Integrating Seaports and Trade Corridors. Eds. P. Hall, R. McCalla, C. Comtois  and B. Slack (Farnham, Ashgate Publishing, 2011) pp.155-170
  • “The Evolution of Maritime Economics” in The Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics, ed. Wayne K. Talley (New York, Wiley-Blackwell, 2012) pp.16-33.
  • “Increased Collaborative Relationships in International Logistics: Canadian and other national and corporate examples,” Maritime Policy & Management, published on-line, 31 January 2014

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