Nancy Langton

Nancy Langton

Meet Nancy Langton

BA MA (Lehigh), PhD (Stanford)
Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Division

Selected publications

  • Langton, N., Khan, K., Lusina, S. (2010). FIFA's Football for Health: Applying Kotter's Eight-Step Programme for Transformational Change to a Mass Participation Activity. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 44, 537-539.
  • Ozcelik, H., Langton, N., Aldrich, H. (2008). Doing Well by Doing Good: The Relationship between Organizational Performance and Leadership Practices that Facilitate a Positive Emotional Climate. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 23(2), 186-203.
  • Clff, J., Langton, N., Aldrich, H. (2005). Walking the Talk? Gendered Rhetoric Vs. Action in Small Firms. Organizational Studies, 26(1), 63-91.
  • Aldrich H., Renzulli, L., Langton, N. (1998). Passing on Privilege: resources provided by self-employed parents to their self-employed children. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 16.
  • Langton, N., Konrad, A. (1998). The Impact of Labor Market Structure on Gender Differences in Earnings. Gender, Work and Organizations, 5(2), 83-101.

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