Maurice D. Levi

Maurice D. Levi

Meet Maurice D. Levi

BA (Manchester), MA PhD (Chicago)
Professor Emeritus, Finance Division

Selected publications

  • Kamstra, M., Kramer, L., Levi, M.D., Wermers, R. (2017). "Seasonal Asset Allocation: Evidence from Mutual Fund Flows", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 52(1): 71-109.
  • Levi, M. D., Li, K. and Zhang F. (2015). "Are Women More Likely to Seek Advice than Men? Evidence from the Boardroom", Journal of Risk and Financial Management (A Special Issue on Behavioral Finance), 8, 127-149.
  • Kamstra, M., Kramer, L., Levi, M.D., (2015). "Seasonal Variation in Treasury Returns", Critical Finance Review, 4: 1-71.
  • Levi, M.D., Li, K., Zhang, F., (2015). "Director Gender and Mergers and Acquisitions", Journal of Corporate Finance, (A Special Issue on Inside the Boardroom), 28, 185-200.
  • Kamstra, M., Kramer, L., Levi, M.D., and Wang, T., (2014). "Seasonally Varying Preferences: Theoretical Foundations for an Empirical Regularity", Review of Asset Pricing Studies, 4 (1): 39-77, first published online March 12, 2014.

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