James Vercammen

James Vercammen

Meet James Vercammen

BSc MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (California Berkeley)
Joint Appointment with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division

Selected publications

  • Fulton, M., and J. Vercammen, "Optimal NGO Financing of a Resource Management Certification Scheme". Environmental and Resource Economics, 58 (2014) :605-626
  • Vercammen, J. and A. Doroudian, "Portfolio Speculation and Commodity Price Volatility in a Stochastic Storage Model".  American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 96 (2014): 517-532
  • Vercammen, J., "A Partial Adjustment Model of Federal Direct Payments in Canadian Agriculture". Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 61 (2013); 465-485
  • Vercammen, J., "Agri-Environmental Regulations, Policies, and Programs". Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 59, (March, 2011): 1-18.
  • Fulton, M.E., and J. Vercammen, "Optimal Two-Part Pricing in a Carbon Offset Market: A Comparison of Organizational Types". Southern Economics Journal, 76 (2009), 513-532.

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