Guillermo Marshall

Guillermo Marshall

Meet Guillermo Marshall

MA, PhD (Northwestern)
Assistant Professor, Strategy & Business Economics Division

Selected publications

  • Marshall, G. (2015). Hassle costs and price discrimination: An empirical welfare analysis. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 7(3), 123-46.
  • Marshall, G., & Pires, T. (2017). Measuring the impact of travel costs on grocery shopping. The Economic Journal, 128(614), 2538-2557.
  • Lemus, J., & Marshall, G. (2018). When the clock starts ticking: Measuring strategic responses to TRIPS's patent term change. Research Policy, 47(4), 796-804.
  • Marshall, G., & Parra, A. (2019). Innovation and competition: The role of the product market. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 65, 221-247.
  • Marshall, G. (2019). Search and wholesale price discrimination. RAND Journal of Economics (forthcoming)

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