Gene Moo Lee

Gene Moo Lee

Gene Moo Lee

BS (Korea); MA (Texas); PhD (Texas)
Assistant Professor, Accounting and Information Systems Division

Selected publications

  • "Understanding Security Vulnerability Awareness, Firm Incentives, and ICT Development in Pan-Asia" (with Vincent Zhuang, Yun-Sik Choi, Shu He, Alvin C.M. Leung, and Andrew B. Whinston), Journal of Management Information Systems, Forthcoming.

  • “Matching Mobile Applications for Cross Promotion” (with Shu He, Joowon Lee, and Andrew B. Whinston), Information Systems Research, Forthcoming.

  • “Enhancing Social Media Analysis with Visual Data Analytics: A Deep Learning Approach” (with Donghyuk Shin, Shu He, Andrew B. Whinston, Suleyman Cetintas, and Kuang-chih Lee), MIS Quarterly, Forthcoming.

  • "Does Deceptive Marketing Pay? The Evolution of Consumer Sentiment Surrounding a Pseudo-Product-Harm Crisis” (with Reo Song, Ho Kim, and Sungha Jang), Journal of Business Ethics 158(3), 743-761, 2019.

  • "Toward a Better Measure of Business Proximity: Topic Modeling for Industry Intelligence” (with Zhan Shi and Andrew B. Whinston), MIS Quarterly 40(4) 1035-1056, 2016.

  • "A Friend Like Me: Modeling Network Formation in a Location-Based Social Network” (with Liangfei Qiu and Andrew B. Whinston), Journal of Management Information Systems 33(4), 1008-1033, 2016.

  • “On the Spillover Effects of Online Product Reviews on Purchases: Evidence from Clickstream Data” (with Young Kwark, Paul A. Pavlou, Liangfei Qiu), R&R, Information Systems Research.

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