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Our new portal is now live

Important information about your application

Thank you for your patience

The UBC Sauder Robert H. Lee Graduate School is excited to announce the launch of our new admissions portal. In our continuous journey to keep you at the forefront of everything we do, we have made new investments in our admissions system to benefit all applicants. Your current application is now accessible, and we welcome you to view the new and improved web portal.

What has changed?

Over the last year, we have collected feedback from our past applicants about their experience with our staff and the online portal that we use to collaborate on your applications. We’ve used these insights to continue to improve our admissions process and provide a sleek, new online portal to make your admissions experience as smooth as possible. Some of the new features include:

  • Easier navigation to find where you are in the application process at all times
  • Simple and secure interface to submit documents and application data
  • Notifications and more efficient ways to communicate with our staff

What do I need to do next?

If you have already started an application with us, you will have received a welcome email from us with a secure link to reset your password. Once you have reset your password you will have access to complete and/or review your application. If you have not received this email, please contact us at

If you have not yet started an application, click here to create an account and get started.


Using our new portal

To help you get used to our new portal, our team has put together some quick tips to help you get started and find what you need. At any point, if you have questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact us at

How to use our portal

Welcome to the New RAS Portal

Video thumbnail for Welcome to the New RAS Portal

1.    You're sent a welcome email with a link to set your password. In the email, click on the set password link.
2.    Your browser will open the login page.
3.    Enter a password that meets the criteria outlined.
4.    Re-enter the same password in the Confirm password field.
5.    Click Change password. You will be taken to the Portal Home Page.

  • 1.  From the Portal Home Page, click on Continue an existing application to access your existing application.
continue existing application.png


  • 2. On the My Application In Progress page, click Application Name to review your application progress.
application in progress.png


  • 3. To check the files you have uploaded, click Review my Files.
review my files.png


  • 1. To upload missing documents, go to Review my Files 


  • 2. Select the relevant application for your additional document(s).


  • 3.  Select the Additional Documents section to add your documents.


  • 4. Upload files.
  •  5. You will see the green Success message at the top of the screen. If you are using the additional documents section to upload documents, please be aware that you may not see your files within your account immediately. Our admissions team will review all uploaded documents and contact you if there are any issues. Please email your program inbox if you have any questions.
Step 5 - Success.PNG
  • 1. To update existing documents or upload your new document(s), go to Review my Files.


  • 2. Select the relevant application for your document(s).


  • 3. Choose the document(s) you would like to add. 


  • 4. Click Manual Upload to replace your document(s) in the Upload section. 


  • 5. Click Upload new version at the top of the screen to replace the document you uploaded previously.
  • To make your application fee payment, click Pay Now. Then, follow the payment instructions.
  • 1. To accept your offer, click See all my Applications


  • 2. Choose the application you received an offer from and click on the Application Name in the left column.


  • 3. Click on the Accept button to accept the offer.


  • 4. Proceed to the deposit payment page, and provide your payment details to pay the deposit.