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How to Visualize Your Data and Why It is Important


Improving evidence presentation

In this professional development workshop (PDW), we take a fresh look at evidence presentation through data visualization in social sciences. In the editorial of Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ) published in June 2017, it is strongly encouraged that management scholars use graphical approaches to show the data before estimating models, to give an indication of the most important features of the data and their theoretical explanation. The initiative has been embraced by a broader community and created ripple effects in other journals (i.e. the editorial in Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) on data visualization by Ertug, Gruber, Nyberg & Steensma (2018)). The workshop features editors of Administrative Science Quarterly discussing their views on the importance of evidence presentation and effective approaches to visualize data following the evolution in data science. Authors of research published on ASQ that exemplify good evidence presentation will discuss the challenges they faced and various ways to deal with them. The goal of the workshop is to promote greater awareness in evidence presentation and build a cross-disciplinary community that share knowledge in applying graphical methods to improve and better communicate management research.

Event organizers:

  • Anne Bowers, U. of Toronto
  • Amy Zhao-Ding, INSEAD


  • Mary J. Benner, U. of Minnesota
  • Henrich Greve, INSEAD
  • Christopher I. Rider, U. of Michigan, Ross School of Business
  • Marc-David Seidel, U. of British Columbia


  • Michael A. Bikard, INSEAD
  • Ryan L. Raffaelli, Harvard U.
  • Aruna Ranganathan, Stanford U.
  • Florenta Teodoridis, California Southern U.
  • Keyvan Vakili, London Business School
  • Christopher B. Yenkey, Darla Moore School of Business, U. of South Carolina