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Responsible leaders for a better world

The Montalbano Centre for Responsible Leadership Development builds on the school's vision to create a more just, sustainable and prosperous world. Our focus is to promote responsible leadership as a core value, a skillset, and as an emerging field of discipline.

The need for responsible leaders has never been more urgent. As we face global challenges that are massive in scale and scope, we must redefine what leadership means and how business gets done. That’s why we will equip leaders with the tools and rigorous insights to make the right decisions, build trust with stakeholders and create meaningful impact. It’s about embracing a set of core values and acting upon them with courage, compassion and commitment.


The Montalbano Centre for Responsible Leadership is made possible through the generosity of our benefactors,


The Montalbano Centre for Responsible Leadership Development was created with the support of John and Dana Montalbano. John Montalbano graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Commerce in finance and accounting and he’s been a proud volunteer and member of our Faculty Advisory Board for nearly a decade. Together, John and Dana are lifelong champions for inclusive workplaces and are recognized as leaders in many local businesses and charitable initiatives.


The Montalbano Centre for Responsible Leadership Development

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There’s a growing expectation that today’s leaders demonstrate responsible leadership, yet how leaders actually do this is not well defined or understood.  At its core, responsible leadership development is about personal development. You cannot lead others until you lead yourself. We’re here to educate and train our students on how to contribute to this important conversation so we can collectively address the most challenging issues of our time.

Daniel Skarlicki

Meet the Academic Director

Daniel Skarlicki is the Edgar Kaiser Chair of Organizational Behaviour at UBC Sauder. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He conducts research in the areas of leadership, organization justice, and mindfulness in the workplace and his papers have appeared in many of the top journals in these fields. He has won numerous teaching and international research awards, and is a recipient of the 2020 UBC Killam Research Prize. He teaches the MBA Leadership Development at UBC Sauder. He also teaches for numerous local, national, and international organizations on the topic of leadership development.

Daniel’s work has served as a fundamental component of the ground-breaking Physician Leadership Program. He is the Academic program lead for the Meeting the Leadership Challenge. He serves on the advisory boards of the Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics and the Sauder Physician Leadership Program.

Daniel Skarlicki

Meet our thought leaders

Responsible leadership is a growing area of inquiry amongst some of our faculty members. These researchers are examining responsible leadership in action from multiple business disciplines. The work they do will serve to advance understandings and underscore the Centre’s purpose and vision.

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Grant opportunities

The Montalbano Centre for Responsible Leadership Development is pleased to announce a call for applications for research on responsible leadership development. Applications will be received on an annual basis.

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