Developing leaders who will strive with intention to build a more just, sustainable and prosperous world.

The Montalbano Centre for Responsible Leadership Development

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Business performance must now be measured by a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. To lead responsibly, you must lead sustainably.


The world needs leaders with the vision and courage to witness and identify problems, the emotional intelligence to communicate and collaborate, and the ability, commitment and drive to find and implement innovative solutions.

The need for responsible leaders has never been more urgent.


As we face global challenges that are massive in scale and scope, we must redefine what leadership means and how business gets done. That’s why we will equip leaders with the tools and rigorous insights to make the right decisions, build trust with stakeholders and create meaningful impact. It’s about embracing a set of core values and acting upon them with courage, compassion and commitment.

We need change

Meet our thought leaders

Responsible leadership is a growing area of inquiry amongst some of our faculty members. These researchers are examining responsible leadership in action from multiple business disciplines. The work they do will serve to advance understandings and underscore the Centre’s purpose and vision.

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