Creative Destruction Lab West is a seed-stage program designed to help science-based technology companies maximize their commercial impact and benefit to society.

An extension of the Creative Destruction Lab at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, CDL West at UBC Sauder provides a much-needed support system to ensure innovators in Western Canada can access the mentorship and funding they need to scale up and grow in the region.

Building Something Massive

CDL West uses a goal-setting model to push ventures along a path toward success. Over nine months, a collective of leading mentors, with experience building and scaling technology companies, set targets for ventures to hit every eight weeks, with the goal of maximizing their equity-value.

Venture Success

Between 2012 and 2016, companies from CDL at the Rotman School of Management’s first four years generated over $800 million in equity value.

Prime Stream

Each year CDL-West admits 25 ventures into an industry & technology agnostic stream, ‘Prime’, with startups tackling problems across a wide range of application areas and leveraging an equally wide range of underpinning technologies.

Health Stream

In addition to admitting 25 industry and technology agnostic ‘Prime’ ventures, CDL-West offers a ‘Health’ stream exclusively for startups pursuing translational science and technology innovations that improve human health and wellness.

World Class Mentorship

CDL is a mentorship first program; participating ventures will have the opportunity to interact directly with Fellow & Associate mentors in order to identify and customize achievable but challenging, and most importantly relevant, practical objectives. CDL Fellows & Associates are the highest calibre resource for judgment; they have built significant technology companies themselves and are better positioned than anyone to help Founders, who are trying to solve big problems, make meaningful progress in building a disruptive, scalable business.