Centre for Transportation Studies

Green Shipping Projects

Green Shipping Initiatives: Causes, Effects, Motivations, Implications

Beth DeSombre and Jette Steen Knudsen, “Port greening measures: Causes and effects”

Joan Mileski, Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Tony Walker and Cassia Galvao, “The greening of shipping: business as usual or the future of business? The motivations for the adoption of sustainable initiatives”

Tony Walker, Michelle Adams, Mary Brooks and Michele Acciaro, “Comparison of green marine to other port certification programs around the world to achieve global standardization”

Peter Hall, “Governance of port container drayage: a global typology and analysis”

Port Greening Interventions, Cost Structure

Michele Acciaro, “Environmental port charges reduction scheme: An economic analysis”

James Nolan and Benny Mantin, “Who pays the piper: Assessing the potential for pass-through of environmental charges within maritime shipping”

Cristiana Parisi and Juliana Hsuan, “The marketization and operationalization of sustainable ship recycling”

Michele Acciaro, “Value creation through Corporate Sustainability in the port sector: Building empirical evidence”

Theo Notteboom, Peter Hall and Jean-Paul Rodrigue, “The impact of the migration and relocation of terminal on the environmental footprint of container ports”

Michaël Dooms, “Measuring the Social License to Operate for ports”

Henrik Sornn-Friese and Peter de Langen, “Ports and Circular Economy”

Managing Emissions: regulation, governance & innovation

Pierre Cariou and David Gillen, “Understanding the IMO member states participation and support towards environmental protection measures”

René Taudal Poulsen, Judith van Leeuwen, Stefano Ponte and Nishatabbas Rehmatulla, “How do the EU Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) system and IMO Data Collection System (DCS) affect the environmental management and performance of ships and the maritime supply chain?

Leonardo Santiago, René Taudal Poulsen, Judith van Leeuwen, Sefano Ponte and Nishatabbas Rehmatulla, “Business model innovation for managing emissions in the maritime industry”

Justin Alger, Jane Lister, Peter Dauvergne, "The Environmental Politics of Global Shipping: The Political Economy of Power and Influence on the High Seas"

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