Graduate Fellowship

The Graduate Fellowship Program at Sauder S3i was designed as an opportunity for students that have recently graduated with an MBA or from a related business Master’s program, to work intimately in the fields of sustainability and social innovation while they make the transition from academia into the business community. The program is geared towards students who have experience in the areas of sustainability, social enterprise, economic development and the non-profit sector, and who want to pursue a career in those sectors.

Jeff Svanhill
Graduate Fellow

Judith B. Bosire
Graduate Fellow

Tony Pringle
Graduate Fellow

Asha John
Graduate Fellow

Katrik Manghnani
Graduate Fellow

Kelly Masson
Graduate Fellow

Laura Barreca
Graduate Fellow

Chad Comeault
Graduate Fellow

Thor Jensen
Graduate Fellow

Sabina Chatterjee
Graduate Fellow

Julia Dorofeeva
Graduate Fellow

Kevin Moroso
Graduate Fellow

Robin Poirier
HEDC Freight Company​ Assessment

​​​​​​Valerie Presolly

Miguel Guerrero

Geoff Taylor
Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Sector...

Andreas Boehm
Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Sector...​​​​​​

Joel Turner
Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Sector...

Calyn Shaw
Graduate Fellow

Neil Thompson
Graduate Fellow

Brigitte Gemme

Joanna Pedersen
Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Sector...

Alexis Lanzet
Industrial Land in the City of Vancouver...

​​​​​​Neil McGuigan
Sustainable Sport and Event Planning...

Hurrian Peyman
Vancouver's Green Economy​​​​​​

Florian Guhr
The Clean Energy Sector in BC

Adam McKechnie
HEDC Fuel Company Business Plan Development...​​​​​​

Axel Schaefer
​​​​​​​The Clean Energy Sector in BC​​​​​​

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