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Applying research

The COE draws on expertise from faculty in the Operations and Logistics division of the Sauder School of Business and from other departments at UBC.

With our applied research, the COE has been featured in the national media and has won best practice awards at OR conferences.

Academic papers

Patient Choice Analysis and Demand Prediction for a Health Care Diagnostics Company

Yue Zhang, Liping Liang, Emma Liu, Chong Chen, Derek Atkins
European Journal of Operational Research, May 2016


The Application of Operations Research Methodologies to the Delivery of Care Model for Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: the Access to Care and Timing (ACT) Project

Vanessa K. Noonan, Lesley Soril, Derek Atkins, Rachel Lewis, Argelio Santos, Michael G. Fehlings, Anthony S. Burns, Anoushka Singh, Marcel Dvorak
Journal of Neurotrauma, September 2012


A Simulation Optimization Approach to Long-Term Care Capacity Planning

Zhang Yue, Martin Puterman, Matthew Nelson, Derek Atkins
Operations Research, March 2012


Modeling the Processes of Care for Patients with Traumatic SCI in British Columbia

Lesley Soril, Argelio Santos, Vanessa Noonan, Rachel Lewis, Anoushka Singh, Michael Fehlings, Derek Atkins, Marcel Dvorak
The Spine Journal, October 2011


Building a Discrete-Event Simulation Model to Assess and Investigate the System of Care in British Columbia for SCI Patients

J. Gurling, A. Santos, R. Lewis, V. Noonan, D. Atkins, L. Soril, A. Singh, M. Fehlings, A. Burns, B. Sun, S. Donald, A. Townson, R. Willms, L. Belanger, J. Batke, J. Street, B. Kwon, M. Dvorak
Canadian Journal of Surgery, June 2011


Surgical Block Scheduling in a System of Hospitals: an Application to Resource and Wait List Management in a British Columbia Health Authority 

Derek Atkins, Mehmet Begen, Pablo Santibáñez
Health Care Management Science, March 2007


Designing an Efficient Hospital Porter System

Li Chen, Mats Gerschman, Fredrik Odegaard, David K. Puterman, Martin L. Puterman, Ryan Quee
Healthcare Quarterly, Longwoods Publishing, August 2005


Development of a Catch Allocation Tool Design for Production Planning at JS McMillan Fisheries

Mehmet Atilla Begen, Martin L. Puterman
INFOR, Vol. 31, No. 3, August 2003


The Bayesian Newsvendors in Supply Chains with Unobserved Lost Sales

Arnab Bisi, David Glenn, Martin L. Puterman
December 2001

Modeling the Patient Journey from Injury to Community Reintegration for Persons with Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in a Canadian Centre 

Argelio Santos, James Gurling, Marcel F. Dvorak, Vanessa K. Noonan, Michael G. Fehlings, Anthony S. Burns, Rachel Lewis, Lesley Soril, Nader Fallah, John T. Street, Lise Bélanger, Andrea Townson, Liping Liang, Derek Atkins
PLOS ONE, 2013


Residential Long-Term Care Capacity Planning: The Shortcomings of Ratio-Based Forecasts

Zhang Yue, Martin L. Puterman, Derek Atkins
Healthcare Policy, 2012


Secondary Complications in SCI Across the Continuum: Using Operations Research to Predict the Impact and Optimize Management Strategies

Derek Atkins, Vanessa K. Noonan, Argelio Santos, Rachel Lewis, Michael Fehlings, Anthony Burns, Marcel Dvorak
Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, January 2012


Building a Health Progression Model to Evaluate Long-Term Outcomes for People with Spinal Cord Injury

A. Barnes, R. Lewis, V. Noonan, A. Santos, D. Atkins, A. Singh, A. Burns, L. Soril, M. Fehlings, B. Sun, J. Zhang S. Donald, A. Cheung, A. Townson, R. Willms, L. Belanger, J. Batke, J. Street, B. Kwon, M. Dvorak
Canadian Journal of Surgery, June 2011


Reducing Surgical Ward Congestion Through Improved Surgical Scheduling and Uncapacitated Simulation 

Derek Atkins, Martin L. Puterman, Neda Salehirad, Vincent Chow, Wenhai Huang
Production and Operations Management, May-June 2011


Improving the Efficiency of Hospital Porter Services, Part 1: Study Objectives and Results

Martin L. Puterman, Fredrik Odegaard, Li Chen, Ryan Quee
Journal for Healthcare Quality, January-February 2007


Coffee, Tea, or...?: A Markov Decision Process Model for Airline Meal Provisioning 

Jason H. Goto, Mark E. Lewis, Martin L. Puterman
Transportation Science, Vol. 38. No. 1, February 2004, pp. 107-118


Right on Queue: OR models improve passenger flows and customer service at Vancouver International Airport

Derek Atkins, Mehmet A. Begen, Bailey Kluczny, Anita Parkinson and Martin L. Puterman
OR/MS Today, April 2003


The Censored Newsvendor and the Optimal Acqusition of Information 

Arnab Bisi, Xiaomei Ding, Martin L. Puterman
October 2000

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