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Interested in doing a project with the Centre for Operations Excellence (COE)? First take a look at the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about COE industry projects.

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Frequently asked questions

  • The COE industry project is generally conducted during the period of April to August each year. However, there are exceptions to this and we can accommodate certain projects to be conducted in a different time frame.

  • On the COE side, the project team consists of a team of MBAN student as lead analysts, a faculty advisor (usually a professor at the Sauder School), and one or more technical analysts (usually UBC students employed by the COE to help with technical tasks such as programming or data analysis). On the industry partner side, the team also includes the executive sponsor, the project contact person and other staff members who may be helpful to the project.

  • No. Under the COE industry project arrangement, the MBAN student works for the COE. As part of the COE project team, he or she acts as a consultant for the project, working closely with your organization.

  • The COE project team works in the COE located at the University of British Columbia (Point Grey campus). Often, the team visits partner company sites and offices to meet with subject matter experts, gather data and attend project meetings.

  • To ensure success of an industry project, active participation from the industry partner organization is important. Different individuals from your organization may participate differently depending on the need in the project. Your executive sponsor and project contact or both may regularly attend project update meetings with the COE, and other staff members related to the project at your organization can help with interviews and data collection conducted by the COE team.

  • Yes. Please visit Completed Projects on our website for an overview of projects we have done. Then come and visit us, or have us visit you!

  • Yes. Our aim through a COE project is to add significant value to your organization. To that end we pay for permanent employees, support students and maintain equipment. However, we are a cost-recovery organization and all fees return to the COE to support with the education of the MBAN students.

Through using Operations Research methodologies, the COE at UBC were able to help us develop various patient flow models to evaluate the impact of scheduling surgeries in the Operating Rooms at BC Children’s Hospital. The implementation of an Open Access Room, developed solely for urgent and emergent pediatric surgeries, has resulted in a reduction in overtime in the Operating Room and Post-Anesthetic Care Unit and has helped to significantly reduce the problem of surgical cancellations.

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