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2001 the Mannix family

Celebrating the Mannix family

Family Legacy Series 2001 the Mannix Family

One of Canada's leading business families, the Mannix family, candidly discussed the business and personal challenges they faced, as well as the successes and growth strategies that helped them create a flourishing global enterprise.

Starting some 100 years ago with a team of horses and a small stake in railway construction, the Mannix family has since blossomed into a substantial global empire. Throughout their business history, the Mannix family has owned and operated a diverse portfolio of enterprises including construction, coal, oil and gas exploration, production and transmission, venture capital, real estate, railroad maintenance of way, ranching and investments both in Canada and beyond. Operating from their base in Calgary, Alberta, some of the projects in which they played a significant role include the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway and pipelines, the James Bay hydroelectric project and the Toronto subway system.

In 1997, the family divested themselves of a significant portion of their energy business assets and re-deployed much of the business capital. Each of the three members of the third generation of the family now conduct independent business activities, which still maintaining a family office to coordinate their joint philanthropic and other family activities.

Today, most of the shared family interests involve Carthy, the family foundation now owned and administered by the fourth generation family members. Created in 1965 and endowed with $50 million in 1998, the Carthy Foundation makes anonymous donations to the areas of the arts, health and education.

Through the Carthy Foundation, the Mannix family also continues their intergenerational enthusiasm for education. They've recently made generous donations to several prominent universities to promote research and education program for family-owned enterprises.

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