Operations & Logistics Division


Operations & Logistics Division programs:

BCom in Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics (TLOG) is the flow of goods, information and money throughout an organization and this option is designed to prepare you for careers with logistics functions in manufacturing and distribution firms and government departments at all levels. Students receive training in transport economics and management, government investment and regulatory programs affecting transportation and utilities, and business logistics.

MM in Operations Research

Designed for students with quantitative backgrounds, the 16-month UBC Master of Management in Operations Research (MM in OR) program provides outstanding preparation for solving problems resulting from operational challenges in today's leading businesses.

MSc in Transportation and Logistics

The MSc program in Transportation and Logistics is intended for individuals seeking a research program in transportation and/or logistics and for individuals considering advancing to a PhD. The purpose of the program is to provide students with analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of particular aspects of transportation and logistics.

PhD in Transport and Logistic

Judging by the standards of research achievement, publications per faculty member and national research grants, the PhD program in transportation and logistics at the University of British Columbia is among the best of North American universities. Entrants into the program can expect to join an active and stimulating research environment.

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