Marketing & Behavioural Science Division

PhD Program


UBC's PhD degree in Marketing at the Sauder School of Business prepares students for academic positions at research universities. The goal of our doctoral program is to develop active researchers who can make a contribution to knowledge. Our program is recognized globally in terms of research achievements, research grants, publications, and graduate placements.

Some of the most important people in a PhD program are your colleagues. The PhD program at UBC is comprised of a diverse group of students from around the globe, each with a unique set of skills. The program fosters a cooperative atmosphere where students with different skills help one another to succeed. 

Our PhD students are supportive of one another and emphasize the collective success of the group. All of our students make a conscientious effort to help new students acclimate to doctoral student life. Below is a list of our current students and their backgrounds and interests.

Marketing and Behavioural Science specializations

You can specialize in one of two streams of study, consumer behaviour or quantitative marketing modeling. Students interested in the psychological aspects of consumer behavior such as how consumers process marketing information and make decisions, choose the consumer behaviour stream. Students with a quantitative background, who are interested in how firms make marketing decisions, or in measuring the effects of those decisions, choose the quantitative stream.

Research and faculty

The program is designed to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary to be productive researchers. Significant interaction and collaboration with faculty is critical to this productivity. 

Our faculty is a group of highly active researchers who have published in the top journals within the field, including the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Consumer ResearchMarketing Science, and the Journal of Marketing. All of our faculty actively mentor students and involve them in research projects.

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