Accounting & Information Systems Division



The research of the accounting faculty involves economic analyses of external and internal financial reporting, auditing, and taxation. The analyses are both theoretical and empirical.

Topics examined include:

  • The role of financial reports in contracting with debt holders and management
  • Factors influencing the timing and extent of management voluntary disclosures
  • The use of market prices in evaluating and compensating managers
  • The role of communication in incentive contracts
  • The economics of the auditing industry
  • Factors affecting audit quality and the demand for audit service
  • The impact of litigation on audit quality, audit prices, and choice of auditor
  • The impact of corporate and personal income taxes on the choice of management compensation mechanisms, as well as other economic consequences of various tax policies.

Management Information Systems

The research methodologies used in the MIS faculty members include economics, empirical, design science, and computer simulation. They cover fields such as big data analytics, complex adaptive systems, e-commerce, human-computer interaction, information technology investment, information technology management, security and privacy, and systems analysis and design.

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