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SWIFT Application and Updates

Self-enroll on Canvas to the UBC SWIFT Introduction, Winter Term 1 (2022) Read more

The SWIFT Introduction community on Canvas is open to all Sauder students interested in learning about finance. Join now to receive up-to-date information on SWIFT events and application process, and find activities to learn about finance. 

Starting Dec 15, 2022, students can complete the Application Requirements Module on Canvas. Deadline for completion is January 11, 2023. 

PLEASE NOTE that the application forms will not appear in Canvas until December 15, 2022.

Information Session for Potential Applicants

If you are interested in applying to SWIFT, please attend the information session to be held: 

Thursday November 24, 2022
12:30pm – 1:30pm 
HA 491


Selection Criteria

SWIFT will prefer applicants who self-identify as women, two spirit, or non-binary and are in year one, two, or three at UBC. 

  • Applicants are selected for exemplary character, strong academics, intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, and interpersonal skills. Cohorts of students are chosen for their broad range of interests and diversity of experiences. 
  • Students must commit to program activities, integrity, and professionalism. Activities include self-directed research, team meetings, consultations with mentors & professors who provide investment guidance & professional coaching, and work experience.
  • SWIFT students will collaboratively practice critical thinking and demonstrate an ability to ask questions and seek answers.

Key Dates for Students

These dates are approximate. Specified dates and further information will be provided via the SWIFT Introduction community on Canvas.

Oct-Dec 2022

Attend monthly workshops about capital markets careers; open to all Sauder students. Join the ‘SWIFT introduction’ community on Canvas to learn more about finance, and start training & networking.

November 2022

Attend a SWIFT pre-application information session

December 2022

Enroll in the ‘SWIFT 2023 Admissions’ group on Canvas to access the SWIFT application form. Requirements will include resume, transcript, personal paragraph, video submission, and instructor information.


January 2023

Application deadline, interviews & group activity, admission offers.

Feb-Apr 2023

SWIFT training and professional development. Attention to reconciling classroom theory with practice; developing fluency in financial markets, financial statements, and financial modelling.


May-August 2023

Paid internship opportunity, in or away from Vancouver. Students will be responsible for transportation and living expenses.

Fall 2023

SWIFT training and professional development. Assist in encouraging and developing future cohorts.

Updated as of September 27, 2022

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