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Alexis Percival

Investing in tomorrow's leaders

Scholarship brings BCom student closer to pursuing a career in Business Technology Management

Alexis Percival is a third-year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Business Technology Management & Entrepreneurship. Poised to become a trailblazer in a traditionally male-dominated sector, Percival's education dreams recently got a fresh lease of confidence after she was awarded the $5,000 Sheila Eddin Award in Business Technology Management. 

"Receiving this scholarship has reinforced that a degree focus in Business Technology Management is the right decision for me, because it’s a shifting sector where women have a place to thrive," said Percival.

"This scholarship has enabled me to financially and mentally whole-heartedly dedicate my time and effort to my academic studies and further my development as a young professional."

The award is personally funded by Sheila Eddin, a 20-year veteran of the business technology industry, who is currently the President and CEO of Tranmotion Services Ltd., a management consulting firm that specializes in Business Transformation and Information Technology. As a corporate executive, board member and management consulting entrepreneur, Sheila has an exemplary track record as a professional and as a community advocate.

Candidates for the award are evaluated on overall GPA, leadership, initiative and the potential for a successful career in Business Technology Management (BTM). It is awarded on the recommendation of the UBC Sauder School of Business. 

Eddin's inspiration for creating the annual fund stems from her own academic and professional journey. "I was fortunate that when I attended university, I was provided a similar opportunity and it meant a lot to me,” she said. “Now, it’s about giving back to the community and helping a new generation of future graduates. Given my background in technology, it was a natural choice to offer this scholarship to students pursuing the BTM option." 

Eddin is optimistic that donor-supported funding can expand career paths for students and encourage UBC Sauder to continue investing in the technology vertical of business management. "I hope this scholarship will encourage recipients to pursue high academic standards and complement that with other experiences or skills, so that when they enter the workforce they are well-rounded and prepared to tackle challenges and grow as individuals," explained Eddin. 

Percival is inspired to mirror Eddin's generosity and philanthropic spirit, and hopes to pay this forward when it's her time to support young dreams. "Philanthropy should be a 'two-way street' in which recipients use the resources gained to their full potential,” she said. “There’s no better way to say thank you to those who have helped me along the way than to continue their philanthropic legacy of investing in leaders of tomorrow."

Eddin's affiliation with UBC Sauder goes beyond generous funding. She also volunteers her time on the BTM Advisory Board and is an annual guest lecturer for the “CIO Strategies” course. Beyond school, Eddin plays an active role in Vancouver's business community as co-founder of Vancouver Women in Technology (VanWIT), a non-profit society that supports women pursuing careers in the technology sector.

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