Recruiting at UBC Sauder

Additional programs

Explore hiring  prospects from accounting and real estate programs

Diploma in Accounting Program

The UBC Diploma in Accounting Program (DAP) is designed to prepare university graduates with limited training in accounting for entry into a professional accounting designation program. DAP's intensive curriculum satisfies many of the course requirements for the CPA program. The program is officially recognized by the Chartered Accountants School of Business (CASB)..

To recruit: Email job postings to with the position details in the body of the email or as a Word or text attachment.

Real Estate

The Sauder School of Business’ Real Estate Division offers licensing courses, including Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course, Broker's Licensing Course and Rental Property Management Licensing Course. The division also offers credit programs and professional development courses and examinations, such as the Diploma Program in Urban Land Economics (DULE) and the Certificate Program in Real Property Assessment.

To recruit: Email job postings to, or call +1 604.822.2227 for more information.

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