Recruiting at UBC Sauder

Promote your brand

We invite members of the business community to develop a relationship with the UBC Sauder School of Business, share your expertise and reap the rewards. 

The Business Career Centre will work with you to effectively build and keep your company's brand top of mind for students, new graduates and experienced hires. By taking part in UBC Sauder events and engaging with students you’ll enhance your reputation as a quality employer that provides challenging and exciting career opportunities. You'll also help to educate the next generation of business professionals about the issues, trends and opportunities out there. 

Mentor a student

The UBC Sauder Business Career Centre facilitates a number of mentor and training programs, including:

  • Brand Management Mentorship Program
  • Capital Markets Training Program
  • Consulting Training Mentor Program
  • Finance Mentor Program - Includes capital markets, commercial banking and women in finance tracks
  • MBA Mentor Program
  • Natural Resources Mentoring Group
  • Product Management Training & Mentoring Program

Though the focus and format of the mentor programs vary, all share the same aim of helping mentees clarify their career goals, develop knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in their chosen career, while also gaining valuable guidance and insight from an industry expert. Experienced industry professionals, many of whom are alumni, volunteer as mentors in our programs. 


Host a company visit

The Trek Program brings small groups of top students from our BCom, MBA and Master of Management (MM) programs directly to you. We take groups of students to companies in Greater Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Hong Kong and Shanghai.  This gives you an opportunity to meet potential candidates in person, especially if geographical limitations or budget constraints prevent you from visiting us at UBC Sauder. See the recruiting calendar for Trek dates. 


Speak at an event

We provide opportunities for senior executives and entrepreneurs to speak at events and address students throughout the year. 


Partner with a student club

UBC Sauder students have a diverse range of career interests and participate in clubs and societies outside of their academic programming. These clubs provide an excellent opportunity for your company to connect with a targeted group of candidates. Learn more about undergraduate student clubs and MBA clubs


Get Involved

Contact us for more information about how to build your company brand and share your expertise with UBC Sauder students by emailing or calling +1 604.822.6479. 

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