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Quartmain Lim

Quartmain Lim, BA 2018

What I gained from being in BMMP: BMMP gave me a strong background and understanding of the brand management industry through providing me knowledge that was typically not taught or shared within a classroom. The program was an incredible environment of learning that enabled me to improve my capabilities in resume building and interview preparation. It would be through this improvement of skills that I ultimately was able to acquire my summer internship and eventually progress to where I'm currently at now. Employment: Brand Marketing Intern at Unilever, currently Assistant Brand Manager of Axe Shower Gel & Hair at Unilever"
Juliet Choi

Juliet Choi, BCOM 2018

What I gained from being in the BMMP: BMMP gave me a holistic overview of the CPG industry and pushed me to hone the skills to necessary to pursue my dream career out of school. Through countless resume/cover letter makeovers and practice interviews, the program allowed me to become a more competitive and confident candidate. I am grateful that BMMP also brought me into a community of mentors and alumni, who are eager to support one other. Employment: Assistant Brand Manager at Johnson & Johnson
Aarushi Raizada

Aarushi Raizada, BCOM 2018

What I gained from being in BMMP: BMMP completely changed my perception of what it is like leading a business from the day-to-day to long term. The mentors' guidance through relevant case studies and Nielsen analysis helped me develop my analytical and strategic thinking skills. Intensive resume-building and mock interviews not only pushed me to pursue opportunities out of my comfort zone and stand out from the crowd, but also helped me network efficiently with professionals within the CPG industry to stay relevant. Employment: Jr. Online Marketing Manager at HelloFresh, currently Offline Marketing Specialist at Chefs Plate
Stephanie Hunt

Stephanie Hunt, MBA 2014

What I gained from being in the BMMP: For me, BMMP was a sneak peek into the real world of professional marketing. I learned about career options, career paths, and industry lingo. I also received in-depth resume advice and interview coaching. Together, this gave me the confidence and skills needed to stand out from the crowd and successfully leverage my unique work experience to get a job I love. Employment: Marketing Intern at BCAA, currently Senior Associate Retention Marketing at BCAA
Clementina Tai

Clementina Tai, BCOM 2013

What I gained from being in the BMMP: I gained the motivation to re-evaluate my future and the direction I wanted to take my career, as well as a completely revamped resume and interview prep skills. My time in the program was invaluable, and gave me the tools necessary to land a job in the advertising industry.

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