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Is brand management the right fit for me?

Determining whether brand management is the right fit for you is an important consideration and there are a lot of inaccurate preconceptions about brand management. For example, many people think brand management is all about advertising.  In truth, it requires a broad skill set that encompasses every aspect of management and running a business. Whether your primary interest lies in strategy, marketing, finance, accounting, or some other area, we encourage you to consider brand management.

What do companies look for in a candidate?

  • Strategic thinking capacity: You must prove through your interview and resume that you are able to see the big picture of a project, understand the interconnectivities between its parts, and quickly determine what levers can be pushed or pulled to affect the state of the overall business.
  • Analytics: Brand Managers constantly work with a large and diverse amount of data, as all business decisions must be founded in fact. You must prove that you have the ability to analyze and generate an actionable conclusion.
  • Leadership & initiative: You must demonstrate that you can act as a leader who provides clear and motivating direction for your business partners (agency, finance, supply‐chain, sales, legal, trade and other team members).
  • Teamwork: Brand Managers work entirely in a team environment. Every project will require you to work with or lead an internal cross‐functional team and/or an external agency team.
  • Communication skills: As the brand point person, you must be able to communicate effectively – whether it is to express your opinions in meetings or to present strategies to senior management.
  • Passion for marketing: Your passion for marketing must emanate through your pores in your resume and interview!

What’s it really like?

We’ve provided the files below to give you a sense of what a career in brand management entails.  We also encourage you to attend the information session on March 6th where you can talk to people who’ve lived the experience.


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