Online Exam Information

The Real Estate Division currently offers online examinations for BUSI credit courses using the Proctorio online exam program. Proctorio offers a practical and secure means for students to write their exams at home using their own computers. For more information on Proctorio specifically, please visit [Please note online exams are not available for students in Licensing Programs]

By the Course End Date you must have all assignments and projects submitted and meet all other requirements outlined below:

  1. Access to a laptop or desktop computer with a working webcam and microphone, as well as reliable internet connection
  2. The Google Chrome browser 
  3. Downloaded and installed the Proctorio extension 
  4. Registered for a UBC CWL (Campus-Wide Login) (see the CWL Sign Up and Library Access information on your Course Resources webpage)
  5. Must be able to present on the day of the examination, one government picture identification 
  6. Access to a quiet, isolated location suitable for a three-hour exam. No other people may be present during the test-writing period

All students must be able to meet these requirements in order to successfully write an online exam.

Writing the Online Exam

If you are new to writing online exams or would like more information regarding what is required to successfully prepare for and write an online exam, this video is for you!

Canvas Walk-Through

All students need to complete a Pre-Exam System Test before their online exam. If you have not completed one before, or are looking for some tips, this video is for you!

Online Exam Schedule

Date Course & Exam
Start Time
(Pacific Time)
Applied Experience & Defer/Rewrite registration deadline: May 31, 2023
Jun 14, 2023 BUSI 441 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 442 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 100 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 401 (Noon PT)
BUSI 300 (Noon PT)
Jun 15, 2023 BUSI 101 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 400 (9:00 AM PT)
CPD 891 (Noon PT)
CRA (Noon PT)
AACI (Noon PT)
Jun 16, 2023 BUSI 121 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 344 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 111 (Noon PT)
BUSI 112 (Noon PT)
BUSI 443 (Noon PT)
Jun 19, 2023 BUSI 352 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 460 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 433 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 445 (Noon PT)
BUSI 330 (Noon PT)
Jun 20, 2023 BUSI 331 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 446 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 452 (Noon PT)
BUSI 221 (Noon PT)
Date Course & Exam
Start Time
(Pacific Time)
Applied Experience & Defer/Rewrite registration deadline: August 17, 2023
Aug 31, 2023 CPD 891 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 460 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 221 (Noon PT)
BUSI 442 (Noon PT)
Sep 1, 2023 BUSI 300 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 441 (9:00 AM PT)
CRA (Noon PT)
AACI (Noon PT)
Sep 5, 2023 BUSI 331 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 111 (Noon PT)
BUSI 112 (Noon PT)
Sep 6, 2023 BUSI 401 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 445 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 433 (Noon PT)
BUSI 101 (Noon PT)
Sep 7, 2023 BUSI 400 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 121 (Noon PT)
Sep 8, 2023 BUSI 100 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 446 (Noon PT)
BUSI 344 (Noon PT)
Sep 11, 2023 BUSI 443 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 330 (9:00 AM PT)
BUSI 452 (Noon PT)
BUSI 352 (Noon PT)


Upcoming Exams:

We strongly suggest carefully reviewing ALL of the following FAQs so that you understand what is required to write your exam online.

  • Proctorio is an extension used in conjunction with the Google Chrome browser; as such, students must use Google Chrome to write their exams. Proctorio is integrated into the Canvas learning management system, which students can access with their UBC CWL (campus-wide login) credentials. Students must install Proctorio to access the exam in Canvas.

    Proctorio is automatically activated when you log into your exam, and it deactivates when you log out of your exam.

  • Proctorio is an online proctoring service that allows students to write exams remotely, while applying various tools to ensure that students are writing their exams honestly and are abiding by the rules of the exam. Proctorio uses features such as video recordings, audio recordings, screen activity, and keyboard activity during the exam session only. Proctorio may also record your web traffic, take screenshots of your desktop, and detect the number of computer monitors, if these features apply to your exam. It then flags any items of concern, which are reported to your course marker and/or UBC Real Estate Division staff, who may review any of the data collected throughout the exam taking period.

    Note that these actions are only taken while the student is writing the exam. Students are free to delete the Proctorio extension after they have finished and successfully submitted their exam.

  • You should write your exam in a quiet place where you can be alone and uninterrupted for the duration of your exam (3 hours and 10 minutes) and that meets the technological requirements for writing the exam, including a reliable internet connection. For most students at this time, this will be somewhere in their home. If you cannot find such a space, then you will be ineligible to write your exam online.

  • While there is no live invigilator watching your exam as you write it, note that you will be recorded (both in video and audio format). Only UBC staff and markers will be able to access these recordings, which will be used for the purpose of verifying your compliance with the rules. Staff associated with the Proctorio extension cannot access the recordings at any time.

  • This is addressed on the Proctorio website: In short, your information is protected and the data recorded and made available is used by UBC Real Estate Division staff and markers to grade your exam and ensure your compliance with the exam requirements. Please note that Proctorio is approved by UBC IT and is compliant with applicable Canadian privacy rules.

  • Students are permitted to go to the bathroom; however, be aware that any instance of leaving the room is recorded, and the exam cannot be paused. Please state the reason for leaving your desk aloud, so that it is noted in the audio recording for invigilation purposes.

  • The software records all video and audio, as well as tracks all eye and head movements, unusual typing or mouse use, as well as any attempts to navigate off the exam screen. All suspicious activity is flagged for the attention of the exam reviewers. The marker of your exam, along with staff of the UBC Real Estate Division will determine whether or not there is concern regarding your exam circumstances. The disciplinary actions outlined in the course regulations will be applied to any instance of academic misconduct. If there are any doubts, your exam will be deemed ineligible and you will be required to re-write an exam in person at a later date.

  • The surveillance Proctorio provides is necessary to ensure the security and integrity of the exam. Please note the Proctorio extension is only active while you are taking the exam. If you are concerned with privacy between the time of completing the Pre-Exam System Test and your exam date, you can remove the extension once you have completed the Pre-Exam System Test; however, please ensure that you budget the necessary time to reinstall it prior to your exam. You can also simply disable the extension and reactive it when needed. DO NOT attempt to modify the Proctorio settings in the Chrome extensions, as it will assume you are attempting to over-ride its security and will report this as a potential misconduct.

  • Many thousands of students have written their exams online at UBC and we are not aware of any incidents with respect to breaches of security or privacy, sharing of confidential information, or other related issues. All exam content and video recordings are encrypted in transit and in storage, and then permanently destroyed. No one from Proctorio has access to this data. You may read more about Proctorio’s privacy and security settings here. Please note that no one other than UBC Real Estate Division staff will view your exam’s Proctorio results.

  • As you write your exam, you will see a small timer in the top right corner of the screen. You will see a warning when there is 5 minutes left and 1 minute left in your exam. You are also permitted to have a clock or a watch in the room with you as you write your exam. Note that the clock on your computer will be inaccessible while the exam program is running.

  • You will need a desktop or laptop computer that has a working camera and microphone. You will also need access to reliable internet connection. The Proctorio website provides detailed technological requirements, which you should ensure are available to you prior to registering for the online exam: (Note: although the Proctorio website indicates that Windows 7 may be used, the minimum Operating System for a Windows computer is Windows 8 or higher.)(Proctorio will run on macOS 10.11 and above)

  • UBC Real Estate Division staff will be available to help with any issues that arise during your exam. If you are ejected from your exam or encounter any other issues, DO NOT PANIC! In most cases we can quickly resolve issues and you will not lose any time on your exam. Please IMMEDIATELY send an email In your email, please include as much detail as possible, including which exam you are writing and exactly what issues you have come across. Screenshots may be helpful in describing your issue. In the worst case scenario, if technological issues prevent you from writing or completing your exam online, we will attempt to reschedule your exam and help you resolve your technological issues in the meantime.

  • Be aware of the following, as they may cause your exam to be suspended:

    • Pop-up notifications: Turn off any notifications from your computer and internet browsers such as Facebook, Facetime, or any other services. (Use Do Not Disturb settings on a Mac.)
    • Automatic updates: Turn off any programs that may update themselves automatically and attempt to notify you by opening a new window.
    • Keyboard shortcuts: Do not use the Find command (CTRL+F or CMD+F) or any other keyboard shortcuts.
    • Function keys: Do not touch any of the Function keys, in particular F11 (this closes full screen, which ends your exam).

    If you are removed from your exam due to a loss of internet connection or any other reason, email UBC Real Estate Division at IMMEDIATELY so that staff are made aware of the issue. Not doing so may result in you losing time on your exam attempt.

  • It is not uncommon for students to be temporarily ejected from their exam due to an internet connection problem or pressing a prohibited key (such as F11). DO NOT PANIC if this happens to you, as our staff are on-hand to help you and in most cases we can quickly reinstate you – and add time so you don’t lose any time on your exam.

    To get reinstated, you will need to contact Proctorio directly via live chat BUT FIRST, please IMMEDIATELY send an email to to let us know the issue, so we know to add time to your exam (as Proctorio cannot do this). In your email, please include as much detail as possible, including which exam you are writing and exactly what issues you have come across. Screenshots may be helpful in describing your issue. We will advise how to proceed. In the worst case scenario, if you are unable to resume your exam, we will attempt to reschedule another attempt.

  • If a direct plugged-in connection is available, this is always preferable. If you are on a wifi system, you may wish to restart your modem. Ensure you have exclusive use of the bandwidth in your household during the exam, no other household members should use the wifi to ensure connection stability.

  • No. Once your examination has been submitted for grading, it will no longer be displayed in the Canvas program.

  • Yes. When you write your exam, a video recording appears towards the top left corner of your screen, showing the video that is being recorded through your webcam. If you find this video to be distracting or wish to hide it for any reason, click the small down arrow beside "Collapse" towards the bottom of the video and select "Hide Video". Under this setting, your webcam will continue to record, but you will no longer see the recording.

  • You may have a larger second monitor connected only if it is set to Duplicate/Mirror your primary screen, meaning it is an exact copy of what you see on your main screen. This can be set in “Display Settings” on a Windows computer and in "Display/Arrangement tab" on a Mac. Note that Proctorio will not allow you to continue if you have a second monitor that is set to Extend your desktop.

  • Keyboard shortcuts (copying/cutting/pasting text) are not allowed in the online exam and therefore will not work.

  • The Pre-Exam System Test must be completed by students 3 days prior to the scheduled online exam. This test will run through all the settings required in the Canvas and Proctorio programs, to ensure that your computer is capable of supporting online exams. If you require technical assistance, this allows plenty of time for us to assist you before your exam date.

  • To complete the Pre-Exam System Test, you must use the Google Chrome browser and have the Proctorio extension installed in Chrome.

    You must log in to your course at This will require your CWL username and password. If you have problems with your CWL, please review these links first:

    • Recover your CWL Login Name
    • Reset your CWL password
    • If you provided us with an incorrect CWL during your exam registration, or you needed to apply for a new CWL, please email us at and provide your new CWL so we can reinstate you in the Canvas course.
    • If Canvas states you are not registered in any courses, please note it requires 1-2 business days for your exam registration to be processed. If more than 2 business days have elapsed and you still do not see your course in Canvas, then please email us at

    Once you are logged in to Canvas, first select the Real Estate Divison Students: Welcome to Canvas course from the Dashboard at the bottom of the initial page (scroll down past any notices). You can also click on Courses in the left margin.

    Once you are in your course, review the content on the Home page, and then click Modules – which will display the “Pre-Exam System Test”. 

    Read the Instructions provided on-screen and when you are ready, click Take the Quiz. Before starting, ensure that you have a working webcam, microphone, and a piece of government identification.

    • Please ensure you are logged into Canvas: Students sometimes login to the site by accident. Your browser should say in the address bar at the top.

    • Please ensure you have logged in using the Campus Wide Login (CWL) you typed in when you confirmed your exam. If you have doubts about the CWL you are using, please email us at and we will ensure you are registered correctly. Once addressed, you will either need to click “Reload” to refresh your browser or login again.

    • Students will have access to their courses in canvas ten (10) days before the exam date. If you do not see your Course listed, click on Dashboard and scroll down to the bottom of the page, below the notices. Or you may click on the "Courses" link and select "All courses".

    • If you do not see the Pre-Exam System Test, ensure you are in the Real Estate Division Students: Welcome to Canvas course, and click on Modules to see all available quizzes. If it is not listed, please email us at

    •  Leading up to your exam, a link will appear for it once the exam opens. If you believe your exam has started and you don’t see a link, please double check the time and date of the exam – note the exams start at Pacific time. If your exam has been rescheduled, the exam link will not be active until that time arrives. If you still experience problems, please email us at
    • To complete the Pre-Exam System Test, you must use the Google Chrome browser and have the Proctorio extension installed in Chrome.
    • Login issues: see "How do I access the Pre-Exam System Test" above
    • If you have a second monitor, proctorio will not let you continue unless you either (1) disconnect it (simply turning the second monitor off is not sufficient) or (2) set your second monitor to Duplicate/Mirror your screen.
    • If you have any other windows open, Proctorio will ask you to close them (and will give a prompt to close them for you).
    • Microphone: If you have microphone issues, see the following question "What if my Microphone won't work?"
    • Desktop/Screen Share:  please see the following question "What if Share Screen (Desktop) won't work?"
    • Pre-Test Help: If you are unable to complete the system diagnostic test in all four categories, especially “desktop”, then try clicking the link “Learn More…”? Proctorio provides very clear and direct help information, it may be able to resolve your issue. You can try restarting your computer, and ensure no programs are open other than Google Chrome (and only one tab). If this still doesn’t work, you should click the Live Chat icon in the Proctorio help page – they are quick to respond and can hopefully figure out the issue.
    • When you are prompted to show your ID; if the program will not automatically recognize it, then click Manual Scan.
    • You will be presented with an agreement regarding the Code of Conduct – you must read this and then “sign” with your mouse or touch screen to show you accept the terms – you can then see the exam/quiz.
  • If you have microphone issues in Proctorio, it may be one of the following problems:

    • background programs running which are using up some memory. Restart your computer, close all unnecessary programs.

    • You can try clearing the cache in Chrome:
      1. On your computer, open Chrome.
      2. At the top right, click the 3 vertical dots (More) and then More Tools.
      3. Select Clear browsing data.
      4. Choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time.
      5. Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files", ensure the boxes are checked
      6. Click Clear data. (you may wish to to restart your computer
    • Security settings potentially blocking the webcam/microphone:
      1. Click the Lock Icon on the top left
      2. Find Microphone (under Settings) and set to Allow
      3. Refresh the page
    • More tips:
  • When you are prompted to share your screen / desktop, click on the screen it displays (and if it fails, try again). This will activate the Share button, you can then click on Share. From that point on, you cannot open any other windows or programs. WARNING: If you click “Stop Sharing” or the F11 key, you will be removed from the exam and cannot re-enter without assistance. This is covered in the Canvas Walk-Through video at the 01:58 minute mark.

    If you are unable to complete the system diagnostic test in all four categories, especially “desktop”, then try clicking the link “Learn More…”? Proctorio provides very clear and direct help information, it may be able to resolve your issue. You can try restarting your computer, ensure have no programs open on it other than Google Chrome (and only one tab), and no second monitor. You may want to click the icons along the bottom of your screen and close any programs that automatically open on your computer. If this still doesn’t work, you should click the Live Chat icon in the Proctorio help page – they are quick to respond and can hopefully figure out the issue.

  • If you are using the Google Chrome browser and have the Proctorio extension installed in Chrome, then it will automatically fill in this access code for you. If you are seeing this prompt, then Proctorio is not loading properly. The access code bypasses Proctorio altogether. Please ensure that you are using Chrome with the Proctorio Extension installed. If you still encounter issues, then you should contact Proctorio directly using the Live Chat link as they are best equipped to troubleshoot specific user issues.

  • If your computer has less than the 2GB of RAM memory to effectively run Proctorio, you will receive a warning message. The program allows you to continue, but will warn you that you do so at your own risk, as the program may be unstable. Proctorio advises to open your Task Manager and shut down unneeded processes; restart your computer; close any programs that open automatically when your computer starts up; and ONLY opening Google Chrome to access Canvas (i.e., do not open any additional tabs in Chrome); see the Proctorio help features, including their recommended Proctorio Optimizer app.

  • After you complete you Pre-Exam System Test, you will receive the following message: “Your quiz has been muted”. Please note this is NOT in relation to your microphone, it simply means the grades are hidden by your instructor until reviewing is complete. Learn more about muted assignments here. The Pre-Exam System Test is there to guide through the technical set-up, you do not have to wait for a grade to be posted. When you receive this message, you may consider your Pre-Exam System Test has been successfully submitted and you are set-up correctly to write your exam.

  • To complete a room scan you should, if possible, physically pick up your webcam or computer and slowly show the whole room that you are taking your exam in, including what you have in front of you on your desk. You should try and keep yourself out of frame where possible so that we have a clear view of the room. You should also ensure there is enough light in the room for the camera to pick up a clear image.

    If you have a desktop computer with an integrated webcam you may have limited movement, but please try and show as much of the room as you can, keeping yourself out of frame where possible. You can also pick up your permitted items (calculators, pens, blank paper etc.) and show them to the camera. When completing the room scan you should avoid having a cellphone, books, manuals or prewritten notes around. An example of a comprehensive room scan is demonstrated in the Canvas Walk-Through video at the 04:00 minute mark.

  • You will be asked to present a piece of valid government issue photo identification at the beginning of the exam session (e.g., Driver’s Licence) as outlined in the Course Regulations. This identification must be presented to your computer’s camera according to instructions provided by the exam software, and is recorded to confirm your identity. Failure to present an acceptable form of identification will invalidate your exam.

    You may also have the items that are permitted at the Real Estate Division’s in-person examinations:

    • Approved financial calculator, if required in your course
    • Calculator batteries (optional)
    • Earplugs
    • Paper, pen, scrap paper
    • Water

    All other items should be kept away from your exam-writing area, including (but not limited to) the following:

    • Additional electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc. Ensure you are not wearing headphones or earbuds.
    • Calendars
    • Dictionaries
    • Course workbooks, manuals, notes, or any other reference materials
    • Hats or other types of headwear (unless worn for religious purposes)
    • Food
  • The best way to take your exam is simply to focus on answering the questions on your exam. This means that most of the time, you will be reading what is on your screen and typing/selecting answers.

    In general, it is best to avoid looking around the room or away from your computer. If your course involves a calculator, you are able to use your calculator naturally, which involves looking away from the screen. Similarly, you are permitted to use scrap paper for calculations and planning your responses. This has been accounted for in the Proctorio extension settings applied to your exam. But please note that you must show your calculator, scrap paper, and your desk top to the webcam at the start of the exam.

    Prevent any external distractions: close the door, take the exam alone, and ensure other people in your home/wherever you are writing your exam understand that you must not be interrupted, and they are to refrain from making excessive noise. Leave your smartphone in a different room (the exam screen will display how much time you have left), do not play music, and clear away any unnecessary items from your workspace. Headphone/Earbuds are not permitted.

  • The online exams will have the same format as the regular written exams, with a mix of multiple choice, short answer, and case study questions. You can refer to your course materials for the specific format for your course, or you may contact the tutor for more information.

  • Yes, the online exam requires typing your answers. 

  • Yes, you are allowed to use scrap paper so you can do rough calculations and structure your answers. You are required to use the webcam to show your desktop at the beginning of the exam, including clearly showing both your calculator and the scrap paper. Please note your scrap paper will not be graded, so please ensure you include anything you want the marker to see into the answer box in Canvas/Proctorio.

  • No, the Proctorio program prohibits anything on your screen other than the exam. If you attempt to access other screens or press “Stop Sharing” during the exam, you will be removed from the exam and unable to continue.

  • You are not able to highlight parts of the questions; you may wish to make notes about key points on your scrap paper as you are reading the exam questions. In your answers, you have standard word processing features such as bold, italics, underline, or font colours to organize your answers.

  • The answer boxes have an “Insert Table” function; the icon is at the left side of the toolbar, it looks like a grid. You are encouraged to use this to structure your answers. You can practice using it as part of the Pre-Exam System Test. Please note the formatting is not important, there are no marks for presentation, our only concern is the information in your answers. A table is recommended in some places as a way to structure your answers but it is NOT required.

  • Your answer should include an explanation of the steps you took in getting to your answer. If you don’t get the answer correct, the marker can then award part marks for the parts you did correctly. But this DOES NOT mean you should type out the formulas and every calculation step you made – you only need to provide enough information so that the marker understands your approach and the intermediate answers you relied on in coming to your conclusion. If you attempt to write out every single step, you risk running out of time and not completing the exam.


    For courses with larger case studies, wherever possible we have modified the format to suit online exams. You will be presented with no more than a page of content, followed by a question on that content. This will help minimize the need for scrolling up and down. However, if you do need to scroll, note “grabbing” the shaded bar at right with your mouse is a fast way to navigate through the exam. You can use scrap paper to make notes, but then transfer over key elements to your online answer.

  • Yes, if your exam requires a formula sheet, this is included at the end of the exam, after the final question. You are not allowed to have your workbook or a printed version of this. Students can quickly navigate through the exam with their mouse using the scrollbar on the right side of the exam window.

  • There is no particular type of calculator required for Real Estate Division courses. Note that the answers to all examination questions which require financial calculations have been derived using the Hewlett Packard (HP) 10BII+ calculator.

    Calculators which are both alphanumeric and programmable are not permitted for the examination. Graphing calculators are strictly prohibited. For more information about our policies on acceptable calculators, please refer to your UBC Real Estate Division Student Handbook. Click here for a list of calculators that are not permitted for use on a UBC Real Estate Division Examination. Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive and any other calculators that are alphanumeric and programmable are strictly prohibited on examinations.

  • Students can register for a CWL login online. To register, you will need to know your eight-digit UBC Student Number/ID, which you can find on your program acceptance letter you received when you first registered with the Real Estate Division OR which can be found by clicking on “Student Profile” on your Course Resources webpage. CPD 891 students do not have a eight-digit UBC Student Number/ID and will need to register as a guest. Note that this is not your seven-digit Real Estate Division student number. To register for a CWL, and gain access to UBC’s Student Service Centre, you will also need your Student Service Centre password (which by default, is set to your date of birth in YYMMDD format). If you are unable to sign up for a Student CWL, you may instead select “Basic CWL” in Step 2, which does not require a UBC Student Number; this provides limited access to online exams, but not UBC Library, Graduation, or other UBC student services.

  • If you have problems with your CWL, please review these links first:

  • No, you need a campus wide login (CWL) and government-issued photo identification.

  • Yes, in order to be eligible for an online exam, you must have all assignments and projects submitted by the Course End Date. If you have any assignments or projects still outstanding at this Course End Date, you must decide on that date if you wish to defer your exam or transfer to a later course (with fees applicable) by using the links on the Course Resources webpage. If you do not act on the Course End Date, you will be withdrawn from your course.

  • If you are registered for an exam but do not write it, you must apply for an exam deferral within 30 days of the exam date. You can apply to defer your exam from the “Register for a Deferred or Rewrite Exam” link on the Course Resources webpage or by contacting a course representative. There is a $125 fee. Your exam may be deferred to a scheduled exam date up to one year from the original exam. Failure to meet the 30-day deadline or to pay the exam deferral fee will result in a grade of Fail for the exam and course.

  • If you choose to end the exam prematurely, your exam will be graded based on the work that you completed to that point and your grade will reflect that.

  • If students experience exam scheduling conflicts please contact us immediately at

  • All exams are 3 hours in length (plus an extra 10 minutes set-up time). Students have a 1 hour window to start their exam. So if your exam is scheduled to start at 9:00am Pacific Time, this means you must login and begin your exam between 9:00am Pacific Time and 10:00am Pacific Time. Once you start the exam, you will have a full 3 hours to complete it. The 1-hour exam window provides students with a little more flexibility to begin their exam, or to troubleshoot any connection issues. Please note all exams start at either 9:00 AM or noon Pacific Time. This means your exam time is as follows:


    Time zone City Exam Times
    Pacific Time Vancouver 9:00 AM
    or 12:00 PM
    Mountain Time Edmonton/Calgary 10:00 AM
    or 1:00 PM
    Central Time
    (no Daylight
    Regina/Saskatoon Winter:
    11:00 AM
    or 2:00 PM
    Central Time
    (no Daylight
    Regina/Saskatoon Summer:
    10:00 AM
    or 1:00 PM
    Central Time Winnipeg 11:00 AM
    or 2:00 PM
    Eastern Time Toronto 12:00 PM
    or 3:00 PM
    Atlantic Time Halifax 1:00 PM
    or 4:00 PM
    Newfoundland Time St.John's 1:30 PM
    or 4:30 PM
  • The Real Estate Division’s exams are all 3 hours, but we provide an extra 10 minutes at the start for you getting set-up in Proctorio. For most students that have completed the Pre-Exam System Test, this process takes 2-3 minutes, but we have provided a little extra time just in case. If you do experience issues getting your exam started, please email us at

  • Please contact us at Some of the accommodations provided by the Centre for Accessibility are available for online exams.

  • If you have reviewed all of the FAQ’s and you still have questions about registration or eligibility, please send us an email to If you have questions about Proctorio, please email us at – and if you have problems during your exam, email us IMMEDIATELY at this address so that staff are aware of the issue and can provide immediate assistance.

  • No, your webcam and microphone needs to stay on throughout the duration of your examination. You need to be visible for the entire duration. If you need to step away for the washroom, please state the reason for leaving your desk aloud, so that it is noted in the audio recording for invigilation purposes.

  • The only time students may leave the room is for a washroom break. If you need to use the washroom, please state the reason for leaving your desk aloud, so that it is noted in the audio recording for invigilation purposes.

Image of woman with a headset talking