Real Estate Division

Admission and Registration for Credit Programs and Professional Development Courses

Credit Courses/Real Estate Division Programs

To register for Real Estate Division credit courses you must first be admitted to one of the Real Estate Division programs. This application for admission must be made directly to the Real Estate Division (NOT to UBC's central admissions office).

Program Admission

If any of the following apply to you, you should proceed to Program Admission:

  • You are registering for credit courses at the Real Estate Division for the first time
  • You last enrolled in a Real Estate Division course prior to 2001 or an AIC intensive course prior to July 2004
  • You have only taken non-credit courses offered by the Real Estate Division, such as Licensing courses or Professional Development courses


Credit Course Registration

If you have already been admitted to one of the Real Estate Division's programs, and have an 8 digit UBC number (distinct from the 7 digit Real Estate Division number), you may login and proceed to Course Registration.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Course Registration

To register for a Real Estate Division continuing professional development (CPD) course:


Reserve Fund Planning Program (RFPP) Admission

To apply for admission into the Reserve Fund Planning Program (RFPP):



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