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Important Dates

Diploma Program in Urban Land Economics
Bachelor of Business in Real Estate
Certificate Program in Real Property Assessment
AIC Education Program
Post-Graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation
Certificate in Residential Valuation (CRV)

For a list of assignment due dates for all courses, please click see course schedules. The dates listed here do not apply to any non-credit or Licensing courses.

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Winter Term I

 Winter Term II

 Summer Term I

Admission Deadline
Completed admission applications (with required documents and fees) must be received by this date to confirm eligibility for course registration.
What if the deadline has passed?

Jul 1

Nov 1

Apr 1


Early Registration Deadline
Registrations received by this date receive a $50 early registration discount.

Jul 15

Nov 1

Apr 15

Refund Deadline
Course withdrawals received by this date may receive a full refund (less $50 administrative fee).

Jul 15

Nov 1

Apr 15

Registration Deadline 
Acceptance of registrations after this date will only be at the discretion of the Real Estate Division. 
What if the deadline has passed?

Aug 15

Nov 30

May 15

First Assignment Due Date 
Applies to most courses.

Sep 7

Jan 4

May 31

Partial Refund Deadline
Last day for a partial refund. Last day to withdraw without a "W" standing.

Sep 28

Jan 25

Jun 21

Withdrawal Deadline
Last day to withdraw without an "F" standing.

Oct 26

Feb 22

Jul 19

Course End Date
Last day to submit assignments, request a course transfer and/or apply to defer writing the scheduled examination.

Nov 22

Mar 20

Aug 14

Final Examinations

Dec 6-14

Apr 9-17

Aug 29 to Sept 9

Supplemental Examinations

Feb 7-13

Jun 12-18

Dec 4-13


AIC - Applied Experience (AE) Exam Registration Deadline is one month prior to the scheduled examination date. 

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