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Feed Your Future with UBC Webinars

Feed Your Future with UBC Webinars

The Real Estate Division periodically offers professional development courses in a live webinar format. Students view a presentation on a topical issue by industry professionals. Webinars are generally available in November/December and at other times during the year subject to demand. 

Please note: live webinar offerings are subject to enrollment. Please see the Registration Information section for more information.


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  Coming soon: November/December 2021      


About Live Webinars

Pre-Reading: Students enrolled in a live webinar have access to the online readings in advance of the session. In order to get the most out of the session, students should review these readings before attending the live webinar. As well, a pdf of the PowerPoint presentation can be found on the course website, usually at least a day before the scheduled live webinar. Students may wish to print out a copy of the PowerPoint presentation for the sessions, for ease of note taking. 

Note that many technical problems are eliminated by using the Mozilla Firefox browser (free download here: If you still have difficulty, then contact us at:  

Session Format: A live webinar takes place in an online classroom. The live webinar session includes a live narrated presentation that you access using your computer speakers. There is a live chat window for typing in questions and if you have a microphone, you can ask questions directly to the presenter.

Accessing the Live Webinar: Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation with login details. It is very important to visit the webinar room well in advance to test your computer system to ensure it is working optimally. All the information you need is contained below.

Prior to your session, make sure you can access the webinar link. Follow the "Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test" link below for instructions.


CPD Credits:

Webinar attendees may claim 2 CPD credits for attending the entire session. Active participation is mandatory, including poll questions and end-of-course survey.


Registration Information

  • Register online for live webinars.

  • Students will receive an email with their CPD course login ID and password by the end of the next business day after submitting a course registration.

  • Registration closes at 4pm Pacific Time the day before the session.

  • Sessions are subject to cancellation if insufficient enrollment.

  • In the case of session's cancellation or postponement, registrants may choose to receive a refund or to attend a future session.

  • In no other cases are there any refunds once registered.

  • Registrants are advised that sessions will be recorded and sessions may be broadcast to further audiences in future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The CPD webinars offer an opportunity for live instruction in an online classroom. However, if you find the timing of the live webinars does not work for you, you may wish to review the UBC Real Estate Division's self-study CPD offerings. You may also wish to read through this Learning Advisory article published in Canadian Property Valuation to learn more about how a live webinar could work for you.

  • The CPD live webinars use Adobe Connect. It is a web-based application that requires the installation of the Adobe Connect to launch webinar sessions. This is usually an automated process. We suggest you install the Adobe Connect and test the webinar software in advance of your session.

  • You will need operational computer speakers or headphones in order to hear the presentation. Note that a microphone is not necessary to participate. Students may wish speak to the instructor and classmates, via the text chat box.

  • Adobe Connect is designed with low bandwidth users in mind, but a broadband internet connection is highly recommended. Please see the list of Adobe Connect technical specifications and system requirements for more detail.

  • Please see the list of Adobe Connect technical specifications and system requirements for computer requirements. Note that many technical problems are eliminated by using the Mozilla Firefox browser (free download here:

  • Send an email to We can provide you with a direct link to your live webinar or offer further assistance.

  • This is usually the result of low connection speed. You may have a problem with your wireless connection - try plugging your computer directly into your router.

  • Some tips on ensuring your Webinar experience is as optimal as possible:

    • Visit the Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test pages early and make sure that you try to log into the webinar before the session.
    • If you have any problems running the webinar, then install the Firefox browser and try again (free download here)
    • Show up at least 30 minutes early, so if there are problems, you can troubleshoot them before the session starts.
    • Visit the course website before the webinar and review the recommended reading. You will get more out of the session if you have some of the basic concepts covered already.
    • If you need to step away from your desk, use the "Step Away" icon, so the instructor knows you aren't there.
    • You can send a message with text chat to one person or to everyone in the class.
    • Use the icons to show how you're feeling: amused or laughing, confused, tired, happy, etc.
    • If the instructor asks a question, respond in text chat or using the icons.
    • If you want to ask a question, either use text chat or use the "raise your hand" icon. Either the instructor or moderator will respond as soon as possible, usually in a pause between slides. General questions should be sent to the whole class in text chat, not directly to the instructor.
    • If you are having technical difficulties, contact the moderator directly with text chat -- they will help you out without disrupting the rest of the class.
    • Fill out the survey at the end, so we can learn from your experience and ensure these are the best they can be.
  • Participants usually do not speak. Adobe Connect offers a text chat feature if you have questions for the instructor or wish to "chat" with other students. Active participation is mandatory, and this is achieved simply by answering polling questions during the session and filling out the end-of-course survey.

  • Live webinar attendance is mandatory in order to obtain the 2 CPD credit hours.

  • As long as you attended the session and actively participated (answered polling questions and evaluation survey during the live webinar), then you will receive a letter of completion from the UBC Real Estate Division.

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