Real Estate Division

ELPR Exemption - High School Graduation

Exemption from the ELPR is available to Saskatchewan real estate students who:

Have graduated from a Canadian high school at which English is the primary language of instruction. Canadian provincial Adult Graduation will also be accepted.

Sending transcripts and documentation

Students must provide Official/Certified True Copies of transcripts from the educating institution. Please note that ELPR documents will not be returned. Therefore, students wishing to keep original documentation will need to send notarized copies of the original documents.

If your current name does not match the name on the transcript, you must submit proof of your name change to the Real Estate Division, showing both the name on your transcript and your current name. The Real Estate Division will accept a copy of a marriage certificate, or copies of two of the following: birth certificate, SIN card, passport, citizenship card, or divorce certificate. If the above documentation is not available, you may submit a letter from a notary public.

All transcripts and change of name documentation (if applicable) for ELPR exemptions should be sent to the Real Estate Division by mail:

Mailing Address:
ELPR Documentation
Real Estate Division, Licensing Education
The University of British Columbia
PO Box 5380 Station Terminal
Vancouver, BC V6B 5N4

All students must include a current email address so the Division can contact you if necessary. If already registered, please include your student number.

Please note that due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, document processing will be delayed. You may check your Course Resources webpage to see that the ELPR has been met. We will contact you only if needed.

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