Real Estate Division

Program Admission Eligibility

Designation/ Credential Prerequisite Courses Admission Eligibility
Law Finance Inspection/ Construction Principles of Real Estate
AACI Direct
CRA Conditional
PGCV Direct
DULE Direct
BBRE Direct
Real Estate Trading Services* Direct
Mortgage Brokerage in BC* Direct
✔ Check marks indicate each prerequisite topic has been met and students are eligible for admission
* For real estate licensing education obtained in provinces other than BC, please contact the Real Estate Division


Students may satisfy the program prerequiste courses by completing the courses listed below or applicants who do not have the necessary prerequisite knowledge will be required to qualify prior to enrollment. Qualification may include completing specific BUSI or CPD courses through the UBC Real Estate Division or equivalent courses elsewhere:




Principles of Real Estate:

For questions regarding eligibility for the Reserve Fund Planning Program, please contact the Real Estate Division.

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