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Admission to UBC’s Reserve Fund Planning Program

If you wish to pursue the UBC RFPP directly, you should apply now for UBC RFPP admission. The UBC admission fee is $35. Admission to the UBC RFPP is subject to satisfying certain prerequisites described on the RFPP Program Prerequisites and Eligibility webpage , in addition to providing proof of Canadian high school graduation or English Language Proficiency. See below for further details on the UBC Admissions process.

Please note this page is specifically for UBC Admissions. Alternatively, if you are interested in pursuing the CRP designation, please visit the REIC website and fill out the Application Form for Candidate Membership. You should not use the UBC admissions described below because REIC CRP candidacy automatically admits you to the UBC RFPP as well. Also note that the CRP designation requires different pre-requisites, plus additional courses.


Regular Admission

Regular admission requires:

Transcript Submission

At the time of Application for Admission to the RFPP you are required to submit transcripts to show proof of high school graduation or proof of language proficiency. You may also wish to submit transcripts of previous post-secondary course work or professional designations to show proof of meeting RFPP prerequisites.

If official transcripts were issued in a language other than English or French, a certified translation of your transcripts is required. If transcripts were issued under a previous name, name change documentation is required.

Information on how to obtain your high school transcript in Canada can be found on the Obtaining A High School Transcript webpage.

Submit transcripts directly to the Real Estate Division (not the central UBC Admissions Office). UBC requires that transcripts must be official copies sent directly from the issuing institution or forwarded in an unopened envelope sealed by the issuing institution. An official transcript bears an official seal and/or signature of the issuing institution, or has been produced on the institution's secured paper. Photocopies, faxed copies and legally certified (notarized) copies are not acceptable and should not be submitted. Official transcripts become the property of the University. Proof of professional designations held can be completed by indicating the designation and granting organization on the online admission form. UBC will confirm the designation with the granting organization.

Please direct any questions regarding admission to Yvonne Chuen, Admissions Officer,

Students should note that documents submitted in support of an application for admission are held for a period of 2 years only. Students who apply for admission and submit documents in support of their admission, but do not register in a course within 2 years of the date of admission, will be required to resubmit documents in order to maintain their admission status and be permitted to register in program courses.

After submitting your transcripts

Upon receipt of the above required documents, your application will be reviewed to determine your eligibility for admission. Applicants who are eligible for admission will receive an Acceptance Letter via email and will be invited to register for Reserve Fund Planning Program (RFPP) courses. Applicants who are not admitted due to outstanding documents and/or fees will be informed in writing accordingly.

For questions regarding eligibility for the Reserve Fund Planning Program, please contact the Real Estate Division.

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