Real Estate Division

Late Admission and Registration

If you are applying for Admission or Registering for a course beyond the published deadlines we will make every effort to accommodate you, but please be aware there are a number of considerations that should be taken into account.

Late Admission

The admission process typically requires submission of transcripts and other supporting academic documents. It is imperative that you make every effort to expedite the transmission of these documents directly from the issuing institution to our office. Where receipt of these documents is delayed, this may result in a delay of your registration. If your application is completed after the Registration Deadline, you may not receive your course materials until after your course has begun. Should this happen, you will not be granted any leniency in the assignment, project or exam deadlines for the course, nor will any exemptions from late assignment fees be granted. Please see Late Registration below for further details.

Note: admission applications are valid for a period of two years. Students wishing to delay their registration to a later semester are not required to resubmit their application.

Late Registration

Registrations may be accepted for a period of time after the published Late Registration deadline, but this may result in significant academic and scheduling consequences.  The program regulation state that registrants may be admitted beyond the published late registration deadline, but this admittance is contingent upon the registrant’s express understanding that there will be no academic concessions granted by the Real Estate Division. This means that if you choose to enroll in a course beyond the late registration deadline, you understand that:

  1. Your materials may be received late, up to 3 weeks from the date of your registration being processed, and possibly significantly beyond the first assignment due date for your course (the first assignment due date is typically in the first week of the new term)
  2. You will not be granted any leniency in the assignment or project deadlines for the course, nor any exemptions from late assignment fees (students are granted four late assignments with no fee charged, and thereafter a $15 fee per assignment received late).
  3. You will not be granted any leniency with respect to your examination date, nor in any deadlines or fees applicable for exam deferral.
  4. You will not be granted any leniency in terms of deadlines or fees applicable for transfer or withdrawal.

In summary, your enrolment beyond the late registration deadline may be permitted, but it is contingent upon your understanding that you accept all responsibility for catching up with the course schedule, and for the consequences outlined above. Real Estate Division courses are challenging, with significant reading and writing required, and you will have to complete this work in a condensed time frame. If you anticipate this to be problematic, then you are advised to delay your registration until the next offering of this course.

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