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CPD 899 - Reserve Fund Planning Guided Case Study

The Reserve Fund Planning Program (RFPP) is a national program designed to provide real estate practitioners with the necessary expertise required to complete a diversity of reserve fund studies and depreciation reports. The program covers a variety of property types from different Canadian provinces, offering both depth and breadth in understanding how reserve fund studies are prepared for condominium/stratas and other properties.

CPD 899: Reserve Fund Planning Guided Case Study guides students through the process of choosing a condominium/strata property and completing a comprehensive reserve fund study report to plan its future financial strategy. The course is an examination of the student's ability to carry out this task and it is intended to provide a positive learning experience for the student.

The initial lessons in CPD 899 will review the underlying fundamentals of reserve fund planning, including principles of research, data analysis, and standard report writing skills. These introductory lessons will then be followed by assignments that cover various tasks in completing a comprehensive reserve fund study report, which, when woven together, will provide the "final examination" for the course. The end result should be a coherent, consistent, logical reserve fund study report based upon conclusions that are appropriately supported by a professional analysis of relevant property and market data.

Prerequisite: CPD 891 or equivalent

CPD 899 is eligible for 12 AIC credit hours

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Reserve Fund Planning Process and Course Expectations
Lesson 2: Critical Thought
Lesson 3: Principles of Research
Lesson 4: Subject Property Identification
Lesson 5: Report Writing - General
Lesson 6: Basis of the Reserve Fund Study
Lesson 7: Property Identification and Evaluation 
Lesson 8: Lifecycle Analysis 
Lesson 9: Cost Analysis 
Lesson 10: Financial Analysis: Part 1: Preparation & Research 
Lesson 11: Financial Analysis: Part 2: Cash Flow Analysis
Lesson 12 Reconciliation, Certification and Introduction 
Lesson 13: Summary and Linkages
Lesson 14: Submission of the Reserve Fund Study Report

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