Real Estate Division

CPD 232 - Beyond Mortgage Reports: Next Level Residential Appraisal

Pre-requisite: Students require a thorough understanding of appraisal theory and practices for residential properties. BUSI 330 or CPD 130 or equivalent are recommended.

This webinar explores areas of valuation practice for residential appraisers beyond appraisal reports for mortgage financing purposes. The instructors will outline a number of potential specializations where a more intensive scope of work is expected, such as litigation, estates, matrimonial disputes, foreclosures, or assessment appeals. The appraiser must fully understand the client’s purpose and the intended use, and develop a workplan that addresses expectations for both quality and quantity of reporting – both for the client and with professional standards in mind. The webinar will also delve into the practical challenges in this next-level appraisal work, such as client development and establishing professional fees. 




Dan Brewer

Dan Brewer, AACI, P.App (Fellow) Past-President, Appraisal Institute of Canada

Dan’s career began in 1978 in both the Real Estate and Appraisal Industry. Dan is also a Certified Reserve Fund Planner, a licensed Real Estate Broker, a Mortgage Broker, Property Condition Consultant and a Machine & Equipment Appraiser. Dan currently sits on numerous committees at both the Provincial and National levels of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Such experience and exposure enables Dan to assist his clients in a wide variety of disciplines.

Deanna Halladay

CRA, P.App

Deana is a long-time Certified Instructor for the Professional Practice Seminar, member of the Forms Sub-Committee and most recently, was appointed to the Leading Transformation Task Force. She has also been a member of the Investigating Committee, Standards Sub-Committee and currently serves as Past- President for Manitoba, AIC. Deana is the owner of a small real estate appraisal firm based in Winnipeg. Her professional services include advice to homeowners and clients regarding residential properties and litigation cases involving residential property.