Real Estate Division

CPD 162 - Basics of Real Estate Consulting

Pre-requisite: None.

This webinar explores possibilities for real estate professionals to advance beyond their traditional roles, such as appraisal, and expand into related areas. Industry members can broaden their professional marketability by extending their scope of practice into a diversity of consulting opportunities, such as feasibility analysis, marketability studies, highest and use studies, investment analyses, portfolio review, and so on. The range of consulting activities are diverse, but they all share a similar mindset: applying critical thinking and creative problem-solving towards helping a client achieve their goals. This course will focus on the practical tools and techniques for success in real estate consulting, both in the work provided to clients and also in establishing and maintaining a consulting practice. 



Mandy Hansen

Mandy Hansen

Principal, Insight Specialty Consulting

Mandy is currently the Principal at Insight Specialty Consulting, a boutique real estate and management consulting firm.  She advises the public and non-profit sectors on strategies to make the best use of their land and buildings.  Her practice extends along the continuum from the strategic - looking at policy, governance, and research - to the tactical, executing on program and project management.  She proudly carries her RI designation, as well as her PMP.  She has a Bachelor of Business in Real Estate, a MSc in Public Administration and Development, and is completing her doctoral studies in social sciences studying housing economics.