Real Estate Division

CPD 121 - Commercial Waterfront and Submerged Land Valuation

Pre-requisite: None.

This course provides guidance and advice on the valuation of commercial waterfront properties and submerged land for real estate appraisers wanting to "get their feet wet" with these properties. The two lessons provide both theory and practical application for the valuation of these special purpose property types.

Course Outline

Foreword: Introduction To Professional Development Courses

Lesson 1: Commercial Waterfront Valuation

  • Instructor's Comments
  • Waterfront Property Uses
  • Valuation Considerations
  • Valuation Methods and Techniques
  • Specialized Considerations for Waterfront Valuation
  • Commercial Waterfront Valuation Case Studies
    1. Case Study 1.1: Riparian Rights Valuation
    2. Case Study 1.2: Industrial Waterfront Valuation
    3. Case Study 1.3: Tunnel Valuation – Submerged Land Right of Way

Lesson 2: Submerged Land Valuation

  • Preliminary Steps in Submerged Land Valuations
  • Data Collection and Inspection
  • Valuation Techniques for Submerged Land
  • Submerged Land Valuation Case Studies
    1. Case Study 2.1: Utility/Zone Value Method
    2. Case Study 2.2: Fill Cost Method
    3. Case Study 2.3: Determining Percentage Value Relationships
    4. Case Study 2.4: Salty’s Marina
    5. Case Study 2.5: Apportionment of Water Lot Value
    6. Case Study 2.6: Industrial Water Lot Highest and Best Use Analysis
    7. Case Study 2.7: Rent Analysis for Industrial Submerged Land
    8. Case Study 2.8: Proposed Waterfront High-Rise


  • The Final Examination

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