Real Estate Division

CPD 117 - Exposure & Marketing Time: Valuation Impacts

Pre-requisite: Recommend BUSI 330 or a thorough understanding of the theory and application of the direct comparison approach.

This course explores how the concepts of exposure time and marketing time impact market value appraisals, and the requirements these pose for appraisers. Students will gain an understanding of how to justify and support opinions of exposure time and marketing time, and of the requirements of CUSPAP related to these two concepts.

Course Outline

Foreword: Introduction To Professional Development Courses

Lesson 1: Exposure and Marketing Time: Valuation Impacts

  • Instructor's Comments
  • Market Value and Time
  • Exposure Time - Definition
  • Marketing Time - Definition
  • Exposure Time versus Marketing Time
  • Estimating Reasonable Exposure Time
  • Example - Estimating Exposure Time
  • Estimating Reasonable Marketing Time
  • Factors Affecting Exposure and Marketing Time
  • Adjustments and Discounting for Exposure/Marketing Time
  • Analyzing "Forced Sales"
  • Reporting Exposure Time and Marketing Time
  • Case Studies #1-3
  • Summary
  • Review and Discussion Questions


  • The Final Examination

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